Marine Le Pen was acquitted after a complaint about contributing to ISIS

In 2022 France will elect a new president – perhaps a female president for the first time. According to surveys, Marine Le Pen is the big favorite for the post. The current acquittal in court is of course a tailwind for her.  Muslim associations had sued her because she had published a very critical article about ISIS.

Marine Le Pen wrote and published an article about the brutal murders of the Islamist terrorist organization “Islamic State (IS)” and attached some pictures of brutal crimes by these terrorists as evidence. Representatives of Muslim groups in France felt attacked by this contribution and allegedly saw their freedom of religion restricted. So they brought a lawsuit against Marine Le Pen.

A court in France has recently thrown out this lawsuit: According to the judgment of the Paris court, Marine Le Pen’s contribution neither fulfills the cited offense of hate speech nor violates the basic rules of religious freedom.

According to the court’s reasoning, she made her contribution about the brutal Islamist-motivated terrorist attack in Paris with 130 dead within the framework of the guaranteed right to freedom of expression. The motivation of the perpetrators at the time was undoubtedly linked to the ideology of IS, both with regard to the crime itself and with regard to the brutal approach. This is exactly what Le Pen wrote in her article and backed up with the corresponding pictures. It was not the author of the article and the accompanying pictures who committed the brutal crimes, but the supporters of a criminal, terrorist ideology. The court therefore dismissed the action. In their plea, the public prosecutor’s office demanded a fine of 5,000 euros.

Marine Le Pen sees the entire indictment as politically motivated and an attempt to damage her in the run-up to the presidential elections in France. Regional elections will be held in France next month; they are considered to indicate the mood for the 2022 presidential election.

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