French military are again warning of civil war from the ghettos

In France, numerous soldiers and officers signed an open letter to President Macron last month warning of the impending civil war. Another open letter has now been published, which uses even clearer language.

The first open letter to Macron caused a scandal because of its warnings of an impending civil war and uprisings from the ghettos – Transverse Waves reported, although it went mostly unreported by Canadian mainstream media.  But instead of doing something about the problems raised, establishment politicians in France pecked at the signatories. The mainstream media also behaved in the same way. Only France’s opposition leader Marine Le Pen showed solidarity with the signatories.

Migrants hate France: second letter warns of civil war

Like its predecessor, the second open letter was published by the newspaper “Valeurs Actuelles”. For example there is the following:

“Almost all of us saw Operation Sentinelle. We saw with our own eyes the abandoned suburbs, the accommodations, the crime there. We are exposed to attempts at instrumentalization by several religious communities for whom France means nothing. Nothing but an object of sarcasm, contempt and even hatred (…). You could argue that it is not for the military to say such a thing. But on the contrary: because we assess the situation in an apolitical manner, we are making a professional statement. Because we have seen this reflection in many crisis countries. It precedes the collapse. It heralds chaos and violence. This chaos and violence will not come from a military coup, but from a civil uprising (…). We see hatred of France and its history become the norm. This is cowardice, deceit, perversion. This is not our vision of the hierarchy (…). Yes, when civil war breaks out, the army will maintain order on its own soil because it is asked to.”

Mainstream denigrates admonishing military

But as with the last Open Letter, the media are doing exactly what we can all predict: After the earthquake, you turn on the seismograph. Le Monde, the French daily says that “there are people among active French military personnel that could provoke those civil war-like conditions against which they themselves warn.”  An absurd assumption. At the same time, France is blamed for what goes wrong in the ghettos and there is talk of these people coming from countries that are being exploited by France.The media insinuates that the soldiers who warn of civil war and uprisings are planning a military coup and that they say they don’t want that as an argument. Such a claim is more than absurd and is obviously intended to distract from France’s multicultural problems. If the soldiers and officers were actually planning a coup, they would do so quietly and secretly and not draw attention to themselves through public letters. Whereby, at least the second letter, after all the accusations against the military, was more secretive. However, there is no list of signatories attached to the letter, it appeared anonymously. President Macron also warned against making concessions to Islamists because they only have contempt and hatred for France.

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