Wokeness and Cancel Culture: The diabolical warriors of social media

It would be ridiculous if the whole thing wasn’t so bitterly serious. And so destructive. The completely crazy cancel culture that has raged in America for many years has fully gripped West. Rather unnoticed by the general public, it has cut a path of devastation through the university landscape. But of course it didn’t stop there. In governments, associations and companies, anyone who gives a wrong “like”, lets loose a brisk phrase or just laughs at the wrong joke must fear for his job. Private has ceased to be private. Everyone has to constantly expect employees to fall victim to the culture of deletion and censorship. There is always a denouncer who can initiate the appropriate consequences. It has long since arrived in sport, the lust for annihilation of the vicious mob, in whose sect-like bubbles one assures one another of one’s own moral majesty and hunted down dissidents collect their scalps like the Indians once did. Incidentally, the early representatives of a totalitarian movement, which many years later would begin its triumphant advance in the Western world as Political Correctness, persisted in the lie that it was only the Europeans who immigrated to America that taught the Indians the cruel bad habit of scalping. Today historians agree that there is nothing to suggest it. It was one of the first devious attempts by the better men to declare perpetrators as victims and to pass the “buck” on to those who were not dark-skinned from birth or who belonged to any minority group. That is the simple but effective scam used by the politically correct.

If the mob makes heads roll every time, a supposedly enlightened society falls back into the darkest times of the Middle Ages

The world has gone mad. One can argue about taste, also about the choice of words or what some think is humor. If, however, a mob that can not be tamed, heads roll every time someone makes a mistake, an allegedly enlightened society falls back into the darkest times of the Middle Ages – including the burning of witches. The comparison also fits insofar as the alleged witches had to prove at the time that they were not witches, which naturally represented an impossible undertaking. Whereby we would be with another phenomenon of our day: a society in which the burden of proof is increasingly reversed, the virtues of the modern rule of law are being abandoned. The constructed accusation of the “right people” is enough to be trapped. Where there are no witch hunts, it is difficult to prove their absence, if only the word of those who want to have seen them counts, but no longer has to provide evidence for their assertion.

The self-proclaimed progressives are actually backwards executioners who use the barbaric customs of earlier centuries

Speaking of hunts. There are plenty of them. Just not in the way some tick-bitten people mislead them. Everyone who does not want to submit to the “wokeness”, a modern cross between religion and Maoism, is hounded. Those who do not change get a point deduction, those who offer satire that is not compatible will no longer appear on TV.  It all sounds so absurd, so out of date. The self-proclaimed progressives are actually backwards executioners who use the barbaric customs of earlier centuries. There is hope that where political correctness has raged for two decades, resistance is now growing. Similar to the awakening of the most Islam-friendly countries in Europe, which had looked the other way for so long and trivialized them; more and more people in charge are also waking up in the Anglo-Saxon regions. The UK government has now taken the lead in the fight against cancel culture. And it can count on the support of prominent representatives of the Labor Party, which was harnessed long before the cart of a destructive identity politics. It is a vocal minority waging their Twitter war against self-reliance, freedom and common sense. It is up to each and every one of us to put an end to their anti-social goings-on. Let us make it clear to the diabolical warriors of the cult of extinction and censorship that they are nothing more than pitiful yesterday’s people who have never reached democracy.

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