Just in time for the WEF business game: Hacker attack on pipeline in the USA

The largest pipeline in the United States was shut down after a hacker attack, whereupon even the US government in Washington felt compelled to declare a regional emergency. Coincidentally, only a few weeks ago the WEF announced the holding of the “Cyber ​​Polygon 2021” simulation game.

The largest pipeline in the USA, 8,800 kilometers long, which goes from Houston in the state of Texas to New York on the US east coast and supplies around 50 million people with gasoline, diesel, kerosene and other petroleum products, was attacked by a hacker on the operating company Colonial and paralyzed it for a week. Due to the emergency declaration by the federal government, the fuel was transported to the affected states by truck. And not a few states, according to the Department of Energy: Alabama, Arkansas, Columbia, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. Fuel prices have also already risen due to bottlenecks. However, the US government warned citizens about panic buying.

Fictitious cyber attack on supply chains

The hackers who broke into the pipeline operator’s computer system blocked all systems and demanded a ransom. The group is allegedly the criminal organization DarkSide – presumably completely unknown to most citizens – which of course is said to have its origin in Russia. However, this has now been denied by the group. The hackers claimed that they were not interested in politics, just money. It is interesting that the WEF had been planning to carry out another simulation game on June 9th for some time. According to official information, “Cyber ​​Polygon 2021” is about the security of the explosive increase in digital data traffic in the course of the Corona crisis. In the course of a fictitious cyber attack, participants from numerous countries are supposed to react in real time to “a targeted attack on a company’s supply chain”.

A pandemic already simulated

In a 2019 business game called “Event 201”, a global pandemic was simulated and, in the course of this, it was shown how a global health crisis can be used to merge global corporations with state structures. In addition, at that time the focus was not on health such as strengthening the immune system, but rather on creating rapid approaches to combat misinformation and flooding the media with information. In his book “Covid-19: The Great Reset”, too, WEF founder Klaus Schwab describes the global fight against the virus as a favorable opportunity for a complete restart of the world. The WEF plays a central role in the current transformation process in society. Even with “Cyber ​​Polygon 2021”, critics fear an expansion of surveillance and an occasion to further expand the global power system.

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