Biden’s radical restructuring: USA threatens left-globalist straitjacket

Since taking office around 100 days ago, the leftist US President Joe Biden has been busy erasing any traces of his predecessor Donald Trump and turning the country inside out into the United Socialist States of America (USSA). It is an anti-American undertaking that the UN, WHO and the climate lobby can rely on. The Republicans warned against it – in vain.

With higher taxes for companies and the wealthy, Biden wants to finance his trillion-dollar corona reconstruction and green infrastructure project – to the detriment of the economy, say Republican attorneys general from 21 US states and are suing, among other things, because of the suspension of the Keystone XL Pipeline project, which is run by Canada and is pumping oil into the U.S. Midwest, and related to banning new oil and gas leases, banning deportations, encouraging entry of illegal criminal migrants, and banning states from lowering taxes when they use coronavirus aid.

Zigzag foreign policy

As soon as he was in office, Biden launched air strikes against infrastructure in Eastern Syria, imposed sanctions on Russia and insulted President Vladimir Putin as a “killer” who wished him “good health”. He wants to bring Iran back to the table for nuclear talks. China scares him: it flexes its muscles and could change the global power structure with new alliances.

He gets on really well with the EU. Unlike with Trump, Saudi Arabia is one of his close friends. He angered his NATO partner Turkey because he recognized the Turkish massacre in Armenia as “genocide”. In unison with Trump, Biden wants to bring the US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan to September 11th.

Instead of 21 percent under Trump , Americans will pay 28 percent taxes in the future. Biden’s call for a global minimum tax of 21 percent on multinational companies such as Amazon or Google has been welcomed by the EU with similar thinking. Because national solo efforts could create competitive advantages.

Biden is with his left-wing voters: the richer must be made poorer. The planned minimum wage for employees of companies who receive orders from the federal government fits into the scheme – at the expense of taxpayers.

Great climate regime

Trump left it, Biden immediately rejoined the Paris climate agreement. He called a virtual climate summit and announced the halving of US emissions by 2030 (compared to 2005). He doubled the US climate target of 2015. In addition, billions of US dollars will flow into energy-efficient buildings and e-mobility. The federal authorities must provide each individual law with the associated estimated emissions.

Ten US states want to sue. Almost every aspect of the US economy and culture is at risk. From wood and food supplies to oil and natural gas, chemical and industrial products to recreational sports and outdoor activities. All to appease radicals who love their “New Green Deal,” they say.

Get rid of the police

Since the death of the African American Goerge Floyd as a result of a drug overdose, the police have been considered “racist”. They should therefore be disarmed, financially starved and correctly reversed. In the end, a demoralized police force will refuse to operate, fear many Americans already. The fact that 21 million firearms were bought last year fits into the picture. Biden’s “Firearms Ordinance” too.

Citizens are storming against it, they fear for their constitutional right to self-defense. Biden cited a “gun violence epidemic” and wants to restrict the availability of certain weapons, ammunition and accessories. Background checks and annual reports on the trade in firearms should be carried out when acquiring weapons. The “Red Flag Act” caused great outrage: according to this, families can ask the courts to prohibit relatives from possessing weapons or to confiscate weapons should there be any signs of a threat.

Migrants first

Trump’s “America first” became Biden’s “Americans last”. The US President has a big heart for people from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, even if they pour into the country illegally en masse and have to be cared for at the taxpayer’s expense. In March alone, a record 172,000 illegal migrants were apprehended on the border with Mexico. There were also over 18,600 unaccompanied children. It costs $ 60 million a week to house and care for them. Many of them are living in temporary shelters in appalling conditions.Instead of securing the borders to stop this chaos, Biden prefers to send money and Covid-19 vaccines to countries. Texas sued the Biden government because it was circumventing its own corona standards and crammed illegal, potentially infected migrants into overcrowded accommodations. The real socialism of Washington is also clear here: Biden wants to issue a work visa to an additional 22,000 seasonal workers from the refugee countries mentioned. Critics speak of job theft and degradation of millions of unemployed Americans.

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