Artificial intelligence: is total surveillance coming thanks to Corona?

In 2019, self-driving cars were still the coolest thing the industry could imagine for us, even if nobody wanted them. Now the elites have decided that we shouldn’t drive at all in the future and outwardly it has become a bit quiet about artificial intelligence. Is the subject off the table now? Unfortunately not at all, the focus has just shifted a little.

There are about 500,000 truck drivers in the US. Autonomous driving will make them unemployed – not to mention cab and Uber drivers. That doesn’t happen overnight, but it still happens quickly once the technology is there. And that’s only one industry affected, with many others to follow. In 2030, 60% of the population and more would be jobless, depending on which study you trust. Our working world will change on a large scale due to AI and robotics, one way or another. Some also speak of the end of work. A huge potential for unrest, which is why the term unconditional basic income appears more and more often. Whether that is the remedy is an open question. CG Jung is supposed to have said that people don’t want to be happy at all, but want to do something that makes them happy.

The fall of mankind through artificial intelligence?

The storage capacity of chips doubles every one and a half years, usually with a simultaneous drop in prices. This regularity is known as Moore’s Law and illustrates the efficiency of the computers. To do this, we have to be prepared for the fact that one not only wants to bring relatively autonomous machines such as robots onto the road, but also wants to create artificial intelligence (AI) that is 1. also invisibly integrated into various circuits and 2. is able to learn independently. Who should stop this tech? Anyone who is reasonably intelligent can work out how quickly a person is made redundant. We can’t even get a cruise control function reliably over a few hundred meters. The moment in our history when AI (artificial intelligence) is superior to mankind is called “the singularity. Whether it will come in two years or not until 2050 is open for debate, but the chance that it will come is relatively high – because people always do what can be done. Greetings from the terminator.

Many well-known scientists have warned urgently against opening this Pandora’s box, e.g. Stephen Hawking, but also Elon Musk and Bill Gates. How is it then that our well-known popular figures from Silicon Valley are back at the forefront when it comes to the development of this new technology? In September 2016, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and IBM announced that they would join forces in the development of AI. Since then, this group has bought up every company in the world that promises even a little potential in this direction . What has since then been developed and launched, what is ahead that we can all look forward to? Pretty much nothing.

Development happens in secret

But they wouldn’t be our favorite nerds if they didn’t have a few impressive gimmicks up their sleeves. For example, there is the facial and motor skills recognition program Rekognition from Amazon. Unknown to a wider population, but not to governments. Hmmm. The funny robots from Boston Dynamics: the comments under the videos on the net are no longer so positive and the company is officially no longer owned by Google, but has been owned by Hyundai Motors since December. Won’t change much. The first robots have already been let loose on people and people can always better imagine what the gentlemen are assembling in the umpteenth basement that we don’t get to see. The ideas of Mr. Zuckerberg and Gates are now a little more widely known. Also not really mass-market hits.

Will total surveillance come from Corona?

In 2018, at the WEF meeting in Davos, “The Known Traveler” was still doctored around, a totalitarian surveillance horror for air travelers . At that time, people were still talking about data as the new oil – and one seems to have gotten a taste for it. So the Great Resetters have rescheduled using Covid and are now relying on total monitoring, tracing and tracking – of course with a lot of AI behind it. We can only guess what it looks like. We honest subjects don’t really want to rush around cheekily and have fun with friends, we much prefer to trust them as non-interactive utility people in our isolated individual cubicles; just go for awesome automation technology and try to drive the contactless economy forward. And there are no longer any taboos for the regulatory authorities. How nice!

Elitist megalomania of the super-rich

Everything is possible thanks to Corona, it says on pages 182/183 in Klaus Schwab’s “Great Reset” book. A small group of rich eccentrics rises above the rest of humanity in immoderate hubris, condemns them to joyless vegetation and speaks of immortality and transhumanism for themselves. As always, the gentlemen do not ask the rest of the population whether this is OK. Exciting times. The film Elysium depicts this possible future scenario in a very colorful way – trailer on YouTube.

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