Violent conflict between BLM and Antifa in Portland

Violent conflicts have broken out between the criminal BLM movement in Portland and the no less criminal local Antifa. The BLM accuses the Antifa of using them as “damned protective shields” in their arguments with the local security forces.

The violent attacks by criminal BLM supporters on police officers and security forces in Portland, Oregon, broke out a few months ago. Since then, the local no less criminal Antifa used almost every opportunity to participate in these violent actions. Not infrequently, Antifa mingled with the BLM supporters in order to launch their attacks against the police, fire brigade and rescue services in their protection. Last but not least, this ensured that the corresponding countermeasures by the police usually also affected the BLM people, much to the annoyance of their local leaders.

Because the Antifa could not be dissuaded from changing this form of “warfare” despite repeated admonitions, there has been a massive clash between the two criminal groups since last week. The BLM accused Antifa of using the blacks in the attacks as “fucking shields”.

At a BLM rally last weekend, there was an excess. The event, which was initially relatively peaceful, resulted in violent attacks on the police, staged by Antifa. The BLM officials and participants then used physical force to force Antifa out of the train, which led to Antifa in turn using violence against the BLM participants. Ultimately, the previous allies fought so massively that the train came to a standstill.

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