Goodthink and Wrongthink: The woke rampage

We live in a political culture that increasingly demands clear evidence of partisanship from us. At the moment, performance is no longer what counts, but belonging to the right fringe group. Anyone who dares to contradict the moral consensus is declared a pariah. 

The tendency towards absolute truths and their implications (dealing with issues such as decolonization, migration, gender justice and racism) in various ideological garb has a shameful tradition, which one should never lose sight of because of its ominous potential.

Gender is also a political agenda that should be pushed through from above in order to educate people morally. The “correct” attitude is thus also displayed. But public administrations, scientific institutions and public service broadcasting should not arbitrarily change valid rules and norms. It would be nice if, like in France, we would strive for the “intelligibility and clarity” of the language. France’s Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer has banned the use of gender-sensitive written language in schools and in his ministry. 

Know-it-all and historical-political contortions

“Cancel Culture” (boycott culture) is the way in which argument and counter-argument have become impossible. One wrong word and someone gets a stamp and from then on he or she is hardly an option as a conversation partner. Other opinions are not discussed. Those who think differently are often not given the opportunity to justify their position. It is a sign of intolerance camouflaged by the supposed superiority of acting in the name of the morally right. It is completely forgotten that whoever excludes people from public debate works with the same worldview that was characteristic of the rise of National Socialism and Communism. In the Enlightenment tradition, we believed this kind of ideological dictatorship of opinion had finally been overcome.

The public attack is usually aimed at the person who is defamed as “controversial or questionable”. Honest, public and open-ended debates have become rare. The willingness of our media to ignore facts that contradict our own worldview also contributes to this. 

The suggestive reporting, which wants to forbid one from producing one’s own thoughts on a topic, leads into the world of “1984”. The novel vividly demonstrates how language becomes an instrument of manipulation and how modern means of communication threaten people’s privacy.

With the know-it-all, current moral standards are applied retrospectively with historical-political contortions and outstanding achievements are ignored. Purists of opinion and iconoclasts are about to free streets, names and company logos from the supposed racist / colonialist burden. 

Attitude of moral superiority

The plan to rename the street is symptomatic of the attitude of moral superiority. The supposedly only true standard of today’s thinking is projected across the board into the period of the 19th and 20th centuries. But errors are not corrected either.

The woken “activists” really don’t shy away from any idea, no matter how absurd, paired with weird ideology and a world of illusion. (Woke = increased form of political correctness.)

Study of antiquity as a school of white feelings of superiority

Classical studies are a domain of toxic masculinity, the idea of ​​white supremacy, the yesterday and at best elitist aestheticians. The moral rigorism of the left in terms of identity politics is directed not only against the monuments of David Hume, Winston Churchill and Woodrow Wilson, but also against Homer, Plato and Cicero.

Charles Darwin, Carl von Linné or Isaac Newton, the pioneers of the natural sciences, are also being examined for their colonial guilt at British universities in their zeal for decolonization.  The University of Sheffield recently published a manual presented for lecturers and students of biology with the aim of countering “racist injustice” by “reflecting on the whiteness and Eurocentrism of our science”.

The Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Life Sciences at Oxford University is considering  decolonizing the imperial system of measures because it is deeply linked to the idea of ​​empire. A “cultural shift” is being promised.

Racist Math

A few weeks ago a handout for math teachers was recommended in the US state of Oregon, which suggests that math also has a problem with racism.

In the USA there is an initiative that wants to rename 150 birds because their names are not politically correct. The American Ornithological Society already accepted the suggestion that the bird species  McCown’s longspur  is  to be renamed the thick-billed longspur. In Sweden, too, discriminatory bird names have already been abolished, such as the black finch and the lobed tit. Is it allowed to say the Turkish pigeon and mention that the bird, which comes from Asia, has a migration background? 

Everything from Mickey Mouse and literary texts are rewritten according to the sensitivities of the present. Cultural history is subsequently adapted to the morality of the present. What happened to Mark Twain’s “Tom Sawyer” and Astrid Lindren’s “Pippi Longstocking” recently also happened to Margaret Mitchell’s “Gone with the Wind”.

When people who are ‘woke’ have good thinking – they aim for social, not physical, death. Teachers, journalists and authors are accused of wrongdoing and canceled or fired. Today streets in the west are being renamed, statues are being overturned and books are being banned from publishers’ assortments. In China, monuments have been ‘deconstructed’, cultural sites desecrated, precious old books burned

It’s always about the power that comes along in the cloak of Rightthink. Who has it, who gets it and comes to the troughs of privileges? 

If the delinquent kneels deep enough, he may keep his job. If not, he ends up in the cancel dungeon or on the moral scaffold that removes dignity and existence. Without a proper process; the indictment is already evidence – as before the ‘welfare committee’ or the tribunals of the Cultural Revolution. ‘Black Lives Matter’ is correct, ‘All Lives Matter’ conceals racism … In the meantime, being white in the USA has become an original sin – only those who are ‘woke’ enough receive absolution … “

“Spanning thinking with a frightening ring”

Society is polarized and the real problems are neglected. The public image of the social left is dominated by a type that we call the lifestyle left, because for him the focus of left politics is no longer on social and political-economic problems, but on questions of lifestyle, consumer habits and moral attitudes.

Often small but very aggressive minorities, borne by unshakable self-certainty, try to encircle thinking with a frightening ring, denounce the ideal of an open society and set in motion the processes of closing democracy … The formula ‘against Right deliberately removes the distinction between democracy-compliant conservatism, perhaps even democracy-friendly conservatism, and right-wing extremism hostile to democracy. That left-wing political forces have an interest in blurring this boundary line should not surprise anyone … How far they find support, in the language of the public media, for example, even the churches, is more surprising. 

With “Woke” a rampage is going on, which with its good-thinking morality constantly supplies the overprotective state with new fodder for political implementation (for example also for climate policy). Under the banner of morality, law, economy and democracy are sacrificed to a higher goal. In the past, the discussion would have been dismissed as stupid and most would have remained calm. Today, sayings like “old white man” are raised to the rank of arguments and hatred is stoked against a group. Whites are blamed for all the suffering in the world.

These people convey the racism they claim to be fighting. Characteristics such as skin color, gender and age are becoming a new brand in a society that claims to reject discriminatory stereotypes.

I am now concerned with the question: Can I still order a black coffee?  Is milk racist?

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