China: Communist regime wants to rewrite history

Tibet has always been Chinese, the Tiananmen massacre never took place, Mao Zedong was good: the communists want to erase critical memories with censorship, manipulation and draconian punishments.

China’s communists want to create the world as they please, for the present, the future and the past. The only thing that is remembered is in the collective memory of people.

Political oppression, the suppression of uprisings, the independent history of minorities: all these issues are suppressed, kept secret, and swept under the carpet. 

Although the time of Mao Zedong is viewed as critical, the really bad things of his time (“Great Leap Forward”, “Cultural Revolution”), which cost the lives of millions of people, are played down. Mao is still considered the founding father of the modern nation. His likeness is still hanging on the entrance gate to the Forbidden City.

The forbidden topics include the three T-topics: Taiwan, Tibet, and Tiananmen. Taiwan is considered a breakaway province that needs to be re-annexed; contradiction is forbidden. Tibet is considered an integral part of the People’s Republic of China. Anyone who demands even partial sovereignty for the Tibetans is already considered a political dissident.

The memory of the massacre in Tiananmen Square in the summer of 1989, is completely erased. Political activists commemorating the event will be located immediately. In Hong Kong, too, the memory of it is being erased.  Ceremonies and political protests on this issue are prohibited.

On the Chinese Internet this issue is being completely erased. The censors erase where they can. Internet users should move in a pink cloud of politically positive memories in which the communist government shines in the brightest light. Criticism may only be expressed in a restricted framework and in a constructive sense.Due to the increasingly perfect surveillance, the regime in Beijing manages to create the absolute control state. China is becoming a dystopia, a totalitarian system par excellence. As long as economic growth continues and the standard of living rises, the majority of the Chinese will put up with it. But when the wind turns, the Chinese will find themselves in a nightmare from which there is no awakening.

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