Inflation has an impact: companies will raise prices

It’s coming: the wave of inflation. It has not yet reached the consumer, but companies are already feeling it. So they want to raise prices.

The wave of inflation is rolling in. Companies are already feeling it. Prices and costs are increasing. Especially when it comes to resources and material procurement. Raw materials such as wood and oil have become significantly more expensive in recent months.

Therefore, the companies will want to pass the prices on to the customers. This was the result of a survey by the OECD; the percentage of companies targeting price increases are increasing.

OECD economist Peter Hoare comments: “Many companies pass on price increases on the procurement side.”

The background is of course the enormous amount of corona subsidies, which run into the trillions worldwide and now have to be brought in again. The debt has risen, but the sudden demand for raw materials to ramp up production after the corona crisis and the lockdowns and closings is also driving prices up.

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