Inflation in the US rises by five percent in May

Biden administration does not have the economy under control

The Biden administration has no idea how to do business properly. While Donald Trump’s term of office was already conjuring up the end of the world with inflation of over 1 percent, the media remained surprisingly quiet when Biden failed with 5 percent in May after 4.2 percent in April.

Inflation in the country has been a real challenge for any US president so far. That’s why a key point made by Donald Trump during his election campaign was the statement that he would bring inflation below two percent. He succeeded, despite numerous challenges, the nationwide inflation during his term of office was a maximum of 1.6 percent. Nevertheless, the mainstream media in particular roared the end of the world. As has been shown (again) wrongly, the world is still turning.

At the moment, exactly the same media in this country are reporting absolutely no news about the economic situation in the USA. This is probably because the Biden administration is failing (and flailing). In April, inflation in the USA was already 4.2 percent, and in May it even reached the five percent mark. This is a value that was last achieved in August 2008. Shortly thereafter, the US economy rattled into the worst recession since the Great Depression in 1929.

The Biden administration takes note of this development with a shrug. You don’t have to make targeted decisions on how to get inflation under control. So far, not even the slightest suggestion has come from the Biden camp. Even the more than just Biden-friendly broadcaster CNN had already titled a report at the end of May “Inflation is back – Biden should be concerned”. Richard Fisher, former President of the Federal Reserve in Dallas, sums it up in haunting words: “The cruel thing is that the little guy is the one who has to foot the bill.”

The common people, the rednecks, the workers, the deplorables – these are the ones who will suffer from the failure of the Biden administration. That is why they voted for Donald Trump, who made politics for them and not for the pseudo-elites, as is the case under the Biden administration.

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