The tyranny of cultural Marxism: iconoclasm and totalitarian opinion

Books are being censored or removed from libraries. Monuments are overthrown or desecrated. With the family, the cornerstone of society is dissolved. Everything is falling apart. This is forced by the ideology of cultural Marxism.

Pandora’s box has long been wide open: The cultural Marxists are turning our entire society upside down. Everything is called into question: gender, family, tradition, nation, state, society, economy, values, virtues and also history.

Books are being censored or removed from libraries. Monuments are overthrown or desecrated. With the family, the cornerstone of society is dissolved. Everything is falling apart.

Societies are divided, groups are incited against each other

Ideologically there is no ultimate goal here, except perhaps total communism. Because the cultural Marxists, those leftists who have turned away from the working class and present themselves as elitist pioneers of the new world, are no longer concerned with the old class struggle of the old left.

Today’s left intellectuals have transformed the “narrative of struggle” from the conflict between the “working class” and the “bourgeoisie” to the conflict between the “oppressed” and their “oppressors”. This opened Pandora’s box. Because everywhere in the world where a hierarchy can be recognized, one can also talk about a conflict between the “oppressed” and “oppressors”.

So it will always go on. It’s a permanent revolution. Sometimes it’s racism (“the bad whites”), sometimes it’s sexism (“the bad men”), sometimes it’s the LGBTQWTFBBQ fight against heteronormativity (“the bad normal”), then it’s the fight against the climate victims the climate offenders (“the bad drivers”), then it is the struggle of the generations (“my grandma, the environmental tyrant”).

Permanent revolution and destabilization of states and societies

This hypocritical pseudo-differentiation between “oppressors” and “oppressed” is being pushed more and more, without end, an engine of permanent change. This is the dynamic that was invented by left-wing intellectuals, indoctrinated to students at universities and is now being exploited by global oligarchs and NGOs to turn people against one another.

This dynamic is also used to destabilize states and societies. You just have to look for social inequalities in society, find the “oppressors” and “oppressed” there (there are no limits to the imagination), and you have created a social tension that is manipulated by the NGOs and mainstream media can be cheered.

This is how governments can be overthrown or even the US president can be put under pressure. And the secret services are virtually predestined to lay the corresponding fuses with which the social explosive of a society can be detonated.

Strategy of tension – keeping the elite in power by dividing society

The communists in the Soviet Union  or the Maoists in the People’s Republic of China have shown how generations can be incited against each other through a “cultural revolution”.

The division in society never happens by itself, it is not a natural phenomenon that breaks out over people. There are always people and specific interests behind it when the citizens of civil society are turned against each other.

With Mao Zedong in China, it was his concern about maintaining power. Because there was rumbling against him in the communist party, he mobilized the youth against the older generation. And soon he was back on top.

Protests and cultural Marxist activism, extreme left-wing violence and the activities of NGOs (non-governmental organizations) have increased since Donald Trump was elected US President and the British voted for Brexit. There seemed to be a paradigm shift in politics and the public that thwarted certain interest groups. Since then, the tone of the mainstream media has become more and more shrill and brazen, as if someone were trying to turn things around with all their might, no matter what collateral damage one has to fear.

The cultural revolution of the cultural Marxists is a means to an end: The people are abused on all sides to create space for the protection of particular interests. At the moment it can be seen everywhere in the western world how the bourgeois middle class in particular, with its traditions, values ​​and standard of living, is being neglected.

History has taught that iconoclasm and cultural revolution, censorship and totalitarianism have always brought devastation and destruction to people. Today the Chinese speak of the “lost generation” in relation to the Cultural Revolution.

We too are threatened by the collapse of society and a “lost generation”.

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