British government admits: Corona lockdowns also cost lives

With the end of strict corona measures, the government has declared that the lockdowns also pose a risk. There are also deaths because of the lockdown.

In the British newspaper The Telegraph, Professor Karol Sikora writes that, with its termination of the corona measures and the statements of the British Minister of Health Sajid Javid, the British government admits that corona measures such as lockdowns can also have massive negative effects on public health, to death.

All the postponed examinations and operations on cancer patients are cited as an example. Around 45,000 cancer patients have had procedures delayed nationwide. But many other important medical interventions or examinations were postponed, delayed or simply did not take place because everything was focused on the corona crisis. Many patients with heart problems or respiratory diseases did not go to the doctor for fear of Corona or because the practices and hospitals were otherwise busy. Many other diseases have been overlooked. All of this has medium-term and long-term consequences.

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