Czech President condemns transgenderism as a “crime of self-harm”

“These transgender people are disgusting to me,” Milos Zeman admitted openly.

Czech President Miloš Zeman is under fire after he praised Hungary for its decision to protect children from homosexual and transgender ideology. 

During an interview on CNN Prima News, Zeman expressed support for Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban and new legislation that bans minors under 18 from being shown pornographic material or content depicting homosexuality or transgenderism.

After the law was passed, Orban was repeatedly condemned by various politicians for attempting to protect innocent children. The EU threatened to “examine ” the new legislation.  

Regardless of the risk involved to his political career, Zeman supported Orbán’s decision and commitment to protecting children. 

“Viktor Orbán says that he is not against homosexuals, but that he is against manipulating not only parents but also children in sex education,” Zeman said boldly.

“I see no reason to contradict him, because I’m completely annoyed by the suffragettes, the Me Too movement and the Prague Pride,” he continued. 

“Basically, when you undergo sex-change surgery, you’re committing a crime of self-harm,” Zeman added. “Every operation is a risk and these transgender people are disgusting to me.”

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