Mainstream media and leftists in the US are increasingly praising Cuba

In the course of the race debates and “Black Lives Matter”, a country that was otherwise at the center of criticism is increasingly being praised: the communist regime in Cuba. Left-wing authors believe that Cuba is the fairest country in the western hemisphere.

If there is any country that has been the target of mainstream US media criticism, it has been Cuba. But in the course of the race debates and “Black Lives Matter”, more and more friends of socialism and communism speak up, and are praising Cuba.

An important author of a research project in which the New York Times is also involved, Nikole Hannah-Jones, explained:

“The most equitable mixed-race country in our hemisphere would be Cuba.”

And here is the focus of the whole movement: whether the people are oppressed by the regime and political apostates are being persecuted fades into the background. The only question that comes to the fore is how the differences in ethnic origin are treated.The democratic politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who repeatedly cast Cuba in a positive light, has also come under fire. Her Republican colleague Nicole Malliotakis accused her of playing down the regime’s faults.

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