Government in Zimbabwe is reluctant to compensate white farmers

Paid just one million out of $ 3.5 billion

The black government in Zimbabwe made the first upfront payment of US $1 million in June in compensation to white farmers, their families and their bereaved dependents who were persecuted, chased from their farms, raped and murdered. In total, Zimbabwe has to pay $3.5 billion in compensation.

At the beginning of this millennium, the government of Zimbabwe under President Mugabe initiated a genocide against the country’s white people, mainly farmers. They were hounded by the government, Mugabe had “volunteers” recruited who persecuted the farmers and their families, chased them from their farms, raped women, children and girls and murdered the men and sons in cold blood. The exact number of victims of this genocide is not known – and probably will never be.

Mugabe, however, had profited on his thirst for blood. The land stolen by the white farmers was passed on to black owners, who, however, had no idea of ​​agriculture and animal husbandry. With the expulsion of the whites, their knowledge of agriculture was also expelled. The result was years of hunger in Zimbabwe until Mugabe was overthrown in 2017.

Mugabe’s successor, Emmerson Mnangagwa, promised compensation for the displaced farmers – also driven by hunger in the country and international pressure. Last year, displaced persons, their families and survivors were promised $ 3.5 billion in compensation. In addition, the expropriations were withdrawn, and those farmers who wanted to get their previous property back could.So everything is good in Zimbabwe? Not at all. While the white farmers are no longer harassed or persecuted by black auxiliaries or the current government, the Mnangagwa administration is struggling to pay the promised funds. At the end of June, they managed to raise just a first installment of the compensation: a paltry million US dollars of the total agreed 3.5 billion US dollars was paid, as Bloomberg reports.

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