“A program to destabilize the country”

Hundreds dead in South Africa

After a week of unrest and looting, hundreds of people are dead and thousands arrested in South Africa. Citizens had to form civil protection groups to protect their communities.

The riots began on July 9th and 10th after the former President of South Africa Jacob Zuma broke down on the night of July 7th and 8th and surrendered to the police. Zuma previously warned that there would be riots if he was arrested. In the provinces of KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng (Johannesburg), thousands of looters stormed shopping centers and warehouses and emptied everything.

Citizens’ militias formed mainly in the area around Durban, where many Indians live, to protect their businesses and communities.

In a burning department store in Durban, Naledi Manyoni (26) had to throw her almost 2-year-old daughter Melokuhle from the first floor to a crowd because the first floor was cut off. Melokuhle remained unharmed.

In the meantime, a kind of calm has returned. After days of inactivity, military units arrived in KwaZulu-Natal. Fuel deliveries to petrol stations had to be protected with armed escorts. Endless queues formed in front of the remaining supermarkets.

President Cyril Ramaphosa visited KwaZulu-Natal and Soweto and specifically welcomed the use of civilian militias to defend their communities. “We welcome the fact that ordinary citizens work with the security forces to defend not only their belongings, but also our democracy.”

The police and army remained largely useless during the unrest. Pictures showed police officers who allegedly participated in the looting. Many observers are now seeing civil protection groups that were previously often portrayed as “extremist” or “racist” in a new light.

The tightening of the gun law, which is currently being discussed in parliament, was dampened by this: “Legal gun owners defended our democracy this week,” said Paul Oxley, chairman of the gun owners’ association Gun Owners of South Africa: “GOSA has always said an armed population is the last line of defense of democracy. But we never thought that one day we would see such a large-scale experiment to support this thesis. This week we saw a concerted attack on our young democracy, which was primarily averted by the fact that thousands of armed South Africans opposed the anarchy to defend themselves, their families and their communities.”

In “Revolver” Darren Beattie wrote: “The collapse of South Africa is not a natural disaster or an accident, but the logical consequence of a decision. South Africa is the first country to be built on the anti-white principles of ‘critical race theory’ and is now reaping the fruits of that choice. South Africa made all the mistakes that we are now making in the West. As a hyper-diverse, multi-cultural society, South Africa followed all the recommendations of the ruling globalist elite. This is not just about riots. The wave of violence will pass. But that will not be a cause for optimism. There will be no feeling of having averted a catastrophe and now being able to start over again. When this wave of pillaging is over we can only prepare for the next wave.”The unrest is essentially a conflict within the ruling socialist ANC party, between the camps around Zuma and Ramaphosa. According to Mail & Guardian, President Ramaphosa has been forewarned that the unrest “is the first phase of a program to destabilize the country.”

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