Britain wants to send asylum seekers to Ascension

People smugglers face life imprisonment

The British government is planning to tighten its asylum legislation. Asylum seekers are expected to wait for the outcome of their application on the island of Ascension in the future, while people smugglers face life imprisonment.

After Denmark and Sweden, both of which are planning to set up asylum centers in African countries, i.e. close to the source areas of most asylum seekers, Great Britain now also wants to take a step in this direction. Asylum seekers with the goal of Great Britain should first be brought to the island of Ascension and wait there for the outcome of their application. They are denied direct access to the main island of Great Britain, writes Euronews. The British Home Secretary Priti Patel has shown great interest in cooperation with Denmark and the outsourcing of asylum seekers to the Third World.

Priti Patel also wants immigrants entering the UK illegally to be punished. The traffickers, whom the minister describes as “hideous criminals”, are to be sentenced to life imprisonment. According to the Interior Ministry, the proposal for a new immigration law contains “the most radical changes to the broken asylum system in decades.”  Patel continued: “This legislation delivers what the British people have voted for over and over again – that Britain should take full control of its borders,” the Daily Express reports.

Ascension is an almost 90 square kilometer island in the South Atlantic between Africa and South America. Together with the Tristan da Cunha archipelago and the island of St. Helena (keyword: Napoleon) they are a British overseas territory. About 800 people live on the island.

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