UN BS: No climate justice without social justice

In late July the UN issued a report titled “Exercise of the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and of association as essential to advancing climate justice” Their conclusions are entirely backwards, like almost everything coming from official sources these days.  They say we can’t save the planet without social justice, and more democracy, allowing literally everybody a say in literally everything, but the truth is just the opposite  Democracy, like everything, in moderation is a good thing, but you can always have too much of a good thing.  

Right now, any idiot can vote.  Literally any idiot.  <insert joke about how X came to be President/Prime Minister>.  In Canada there is no restriction, capacity-wise about who can cast a ballot.  So what we certainly do not need is encouraging more low IQ people to vote.  And isn’t it interesting that conservatives don’t want the mentally diminished to vote, while liberals do?  Is it because only idiots vote for liberals, or is it because liberalism is a mental disease?

We all know liberals couldn’t govern their way out of a paper bag, <insert comment about Green Party>,  so how can they govern a world beset by human induced climate change?  The reason Climate™ is attempting to get more liberals elected is because the People in Charge have picked an ideological side and they are using all their resources to win that ideological battle.  All their talk of the climate is just a means to an end: staying in charge.  In charge of who goes where, what you can say, and who you talk to.  And if you don’t conform you are exiled to the wilderness – out of your job, off the internet, and now socially and medically excluded if you aren’t wearing a mask or don’t have sufficient proof of vaccination.

We need fewer liberals if we are expected to make any change to climate change, and to do this we need fewer idiots voting, not more.  So lets put an end to listening to every blue-haired lesbian’s certainty about “climate justice through social justice,” the Patriarchy and other nonsense they are told to spout by their masters. 

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