“What is Space?”

My friends, I come to you today with another divine revelation from the gods. This time, the wisdom imparted to me is the concept of space. In this wisdom, space is not seen as a static, fixed entity, but rather as a dynamic, evolving process. The gods have shown me that space is not just … Continue reading “What is Space?”

You will eat bugs, and you will like it!

Nature is effectively designed. The reason for our dislike of certain things is never accidental. For instance, if a majority of people are against the legalization of gay marriage, it is not because they are homophobic towards the individuals involved, but because they instinctively know that normalizing homosexuality would harm the survival of the species, … Continue reading You will eat bugs, and you will like it!


My brothers and sisters, science, religion, and philosophy are all important disciplines, but they are but pieces of a larger puzzle. To fully understand the world and our place in it, we must also embrace the power of Imagination. Imagination allows us to envision a world that transcends the limits of our current reality, to … Continue reading Arcadia

The Great Reset and Great Recession

The world is currently facing two major challenges: the struggle for world domination between the United States and China, and the collapse of the international financial and currency system. These challenges pose a threat to the order, stability and security of the world where countries are at risk of becoming pawns in the power struggle … Continue reading The Great Reset and Great Recession

Biden won’t send F-16s to Ukraine (for now)

President Biden has publicly declared his opposition to delivering F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine. In a recent interview in Washington, Biden stated his stance on the matter with a simple "no." Despite this, the Ukrainian government continues to request military support from its Western allies, including the supply of fighter jets. Biden's Deputy National Security … Continue reading Biden won’t send F-16s to Ukraine (for now)