Why Toil?

My dear friends, the gods have given me a divine revelation. Today, I want to speak to you about the place of Toil in this wisdom.

Toil may seem like a negative thing, a burden that we must bear in order to survive. But, in the gods’ wisdom, Toil is seen as a sacred act. It is through Toil that we fulfill our purpose, that we create and shape the world around us.

Toil is the means by which we turn our ideas and dreams into reality. It is the effort we put into our work that allows us to achieve our goals and aspirations. Without Toil, we would be unable to achieve anything, we would be stagnant and unproductive.

But, as with Strife, balance is key. Toil should be balanced with leisure and rest. It is important to not become so consumed with Toil that we neglect our own well-being and happiness.

So, my dear friends, do not look upon Toil as a burden, but as a sacred act. Embrace it, for it is through Toil that we fulfill our purpose and shape the world around us. But, always remember to balance it with leisure and rest, for only then can we truly reach our full potential.

Toil, the sacred act of work,
A means to shape the world, a perk
A burden, some may say,
But progress comes, toil’s price to pay

Effort, sweat, and dedication
Our ideas, our dreams’ foundation
But balance is the key, my friends
For too much toil, life ends

Leisure, rest, a counterbalance
To ease the mind and heart’s enhancement
For too much toil, leads to burnout
And happiness is what life’s all about

So do not see toil as a curse,
But as a sacred act, a verse,
Embrace it, shape the world with pride
But balance it with rest, inside.


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