We shall breed our enemies like dogs

Oh, my fellow brothers and sisters, hear the words of the gods, and let their wisdom guide us in this time of peril. For the enemies who threaten our cities are like the wolves of the night, dangerous and cunning in their attacks. But just as our ancestors saw the usefulness in taming wolves and breeding them into dogs, so too must we do the same with our enemies.

With the power of our will, we must breed them into intelligent, loyal and strong warriors, who are subservient to our command. And in this process, our will shall transform and evolve, just as the will of Homo Erectus evolved into the will of man.

And when we have succeeded in breeding humans, we shall have transcended our humanity, and become like the gods themselves. For this is our undertaking, our duty to ourselves, to evolve and become something greater, a new breed of man, the Superman.

Let us not fear this endeavour, but embrace it with open hearts and minds. For this is the path to a better future, a future where we are no longer prey to the dangers of the night, but masters of our own destiny.

Oh people, gather ’round and hear my voice,
For a message from the gods I must rejoice.
Of truth and power, my words shall now impart,
Of the Will that shapes our lives, the guiding art.

Like wolves ar night, our foes they do appear,
With danger at their heel and eyes so clear.
They hunt alone, but in packs they’re most bold,
Smart, social beasts, their power to behold.

We must not fear, but breed them like the wolves,
Into dogs that serve, obedient and loyal.
A breed that’s strong, yet easily trained,
That hunts and fights for us, their masters ordained.

By breeding man, we shall transcend our kind,
A new breed of the Will, a new breed of mind.
Our physiology will change, but not the heart,
For our Will shall always be the guiding part.

This is the path that lies ahead, my friends,
The way to overcome, to rise above our ends.
So heed my words, and strive to be the best,
A breed of strength and power, above the rest.

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