You will eat bugs, and you will like it!

Nature is effectively designed. The reason for our dislike of certain things is never accidental. For instance, if a majority of people are against the legalization of gay marriage, it is not because they are homophobic towards the individuals involved, but because they instinctively know that normalizing homosexuality would harm the survival of the species, as gay men cannot reproduce among themselves. When a person instinctively rejects something, it is generally not good for them. This principle, which is also seen in animal species, is the foundation of evolution.

Applying this phenomenon to food, we all have an inherent aversion to the thought of consuming our own bodily waste, such as urine or excrement, as it would cause rapid poisoning. In essence, we naturally avoid anything that could harm us. The fact that this process often takes place unconsciously or instinctively, like in animals, does not diminish its accuracy.

Therefore, if everyone naturally feels repulsion towards the idea of eating insects, it is not by chance. Every credible study shows that consuming insects is detrimental to our health in the short term.

The question of why political correctness is trying so hard to normalize the idea of eating insects, which naturally disgusts us, is a valid one. The answer is simple: it’s just a part of the larger effort to disinherit and erase human memory, making people more pliable to the new, uniform global norms being imposed. The drive to change our eating habits is not just about food, but also about erasing cultural roots and history, promoting a sense of inclusiveness and toleration, and erasing distinctions between good and evil. The ultimate goal is to empty man of his faith and fill him with evil, similar to how a computer’s hard disk must be emptied to install a new program. Changing the fundamental codes of nutrition has far-reaching psychological and cultural implications for humans, as eating is essential for life.

The increasingly forced acceptance of insects as a food source can be seen as another attack on reality, much like the legalization of practices like abortion, same-sex marriage, artificial insemination, and gender theory. The dictatorship, which has already successfully imposed laws denying reality and our voluntary submission through the use of masks, is now attempting to convince us to love insects as food. This is meant to degrade humanity to the point where they are unable to think of God or even recognize their own divine nature.


Vermin on our plate, a cruel twist of fate,
A menu for the masses, food for the great.
Elites dine on wealth, with lavish delight,
While we’re left to feast on insects, every night.

They say it’s for the planet, a sustainable shift,
But the truth is much more sinister, a bitter pill to sift.
They cling to their wealth, with an iron grip so tight,
Leaving us with beetles, moths, and crickets in sight.

They think we’re easy marks, too blind to see,
The cruel intentions behind this “green” decree.
For while they feast on caviar, truffles, and gold,
We’re left with crawly creatures, that leave us feeling cold.

But we won’t be silenced, no matter what they do,
We’ll fight against their lies, and see the truth through.
For the rich don’t deserve the best, while we go without,
We’ll stand together, and fight this battle loud.

So here’s to the rebels, who dare to be bold,
Who won’t be swayed by the lies that the elites hold.
For we deserve a choice, and the right to decide,
What we put on our plate, and what we’ll never abide.


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