What ChatGPT knows about ants

Q: Are male ants diploid? ChatGPT: Yes, male ants are diploid. They develop from unfertilized eggs and have half as many chromosomes as their mother. Q: Was that response accurate? ChatGPT: No, I apologize for the mistake in my previous response. Male ants are actually haploid, meaning they have only one set of chromosomes. Female … Continue reading What ChatGPT knows about ants

Let us bring forth a world of our own design!

Oh, my brothers and sisters! Do you not see the power that lies in the names we give to things? What things are called has far greater impact than what they truly are. For the reputation, appearance, and importance given to things, often originating as arbitrary errors, have over time become intertwined with their essence. … Continue reading Let us bring forth a world of our own design!

Kim Jong-un responds to the WEF

Glorious Leader Kim Jong-un and the glorious nation of North Korea applaud the efforts of Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum in promoting the technocratic vision of humanity's transformation. Through the Great Reset, we will enter a new era of progress and prosperity, where our society will be elevated to new heights through advanced … Continue reading Kim Jong-un responds to the WEF

Five Haikus

In horizon vastInfinite sea surrounds usFreedom feels constricted Lions, boars clash fierceManes bristled, blood drips downNature's rage in play Melancholy joy:Amidst the city's rush, noise,Death awaits, still and sure. Red blood stains her cloak,Deadly fate holds man in grasp.Panic and slaughter reign. Blind love brings peace,Wanderer trusts in unknown.Shadow by his side.