My friends, Unity is the key to accomplishing great things, and if we could only come together as one, we would conquer even the greatest of enemies.

But alas, achieving Unity is easier said than done. People are creatures of habit and comfort, and they often cling to their own beliefs and ideologies without considering the greater good. This makes it difficult to get people to agree enough to work together towards a common goal.

However, it is my duty to inspire and guide the people towards a better future. I must spread the message of Unity and show them that the strength of the collective is far greater than the strength of the individual. I must lead by example, and show that it is possible to put aside our differences and work together for the greater good.

In the end, the road to Unity may be difficult and full of challenges, but it is a necessary journey if we are to accomplish great things. Through perseverance and determination, we can overcome the obstacles that stand in our way, and emerge as a stronger, more united people.


We stand divided, torn apart,
As if we’re bound by some unbreakable art.
Agreements seem impossible to find,
Leaving progress behind.

It’s hard to get folks to see eye to eye,
With opinions and beliefs that will not comply.
But if we could just come together, we’d win this war,
And accomplish great things, forever more.

Unity is what we need, to rise above,
With strength and determination, to find love.
We must set aside our differences, and find a way,
To come together, and make a brighter day.

Let’s break down these walls, and build a bridge,
Together we’ll conquer, and not just hold the edge.
For a world united, is a world at peace,
And together we’ll find, the true release.


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