My friends, Unity is the key to accomplishing great things, and if we could only come together as one, we would conquer even the greatest of enemies. But alas, achieving Unity is easier said than done. People are creatures of habit and comfort, and they often cling to their own beliefs and ideologies without considering … Continue reading Unity

You will eat bugs, and you will like it!

Nature is effectively designed. The reason for our dislike of certain things is never accidental. For instance, if a majority of people are against the legalization of gay marriage, it is not because they are homophobic towards the individuals involved, but because they instinctively know that normalizing homosexuality would harm the survival of the species, … Continue reading You will eat bugs, and you will like it!


My brothers and sisters, science, religion, and philosophy are all important disciplines, but they are but pieces of a larger puzzle. To fully understand the world and our place in it, we must also embrace the power of Imagination. Imagination allows us to envision a world that transcends the limits of our current reality, to … Continue reading Arcadia

The truth is not something that can be discovered

Friends, the truth is not something that can be discovered, but rather something that must be created through our own will. The truth is something that can only be grasped through human will and desire, and so is a human construct, and does not exist independently of our human perception. The will is not just … Continue reading The truth is not something that can be discovered