And speaking of useless civil servants, it’s time to take our annual look at the CBC.  With a budget approaching $1.5 billion (yes, billion), the CBC has finally succeeded in becoming just another among the thousands of culturcidal media outlets that are nearly impossible to avoid. So what exactly is done with so much money? … Continue reading The CBC

In Clown-World, black is white.

Who the ancestors of the US academic Jessica Krug are, where she grew up and what culture she belongs to, has obviously been of great importance to colleagues of the 38-year-olds in recent weeks.  The professor of African and Latin American Studies got entangled in contradictions about her origins and attempted to escape the deceit … Continue reading In Clown-World, black is white.

It’s trafficking time again.

Open borders, marxism, and anarchy on the high seas. The protestant church’s Sea Watch 4 commanded by Carola Rackete and Banksy's Louise Michel piloted by Pia Klemp sail around Italian waters under the German flag and stage "emergencies" in order to force the admission of illegal immigrants. The Italians don't want that anymore. Now boat … Continue reading It’s trafficking time again.

Corona Crisis Causes Classical Controversy. Chaos continues.

Classical music is one of the last conservative domains not yet infected with a full-blown case of cultural Marxism, but this is not for a lack of trying.  While orchestras have long required ‘blind’ auditions, where the candidate performs behind a screen to avoid any bias, this is now considered ‘racist’ because it does not … Continue reading Corona Crisis Causes Classical Controversy. Chaos continues.

On the liberal-conservative alliance

The left is terrified every time the debate about the possibility of classifying Nazism as a leftist movement resurfaces. It gives the impression that there is a dangerous family secret there, carefully kept. Any mention that Nazism is on the left, and the left immediately (along with the mainstream it dominates without them knowing it) … Continue reading On the liberal-conservative alliance

On what a right-wing political party in Canada must do in order to succeed.

The political right in Canada is in disarray.  The Liberals and NDP have together dominated the last two elections despite Trudeau performing in a minstrel show wearing blackface so many times that even he has lost count.  On the naive supposition that Canadians value Liberal policies over Trudeau’s looks, they have won on a socially … Continue reading On what a right-wing political party in Canada must do in order to succeed.