Call to Action

Call to Action
The most loyal and devoted are excluded from participating in public life by those with money and family connections – and no wise man covets money, steeped as it is with noxious poisons, rendering the most manly soul effeminate. When riches came to be held in honour, virtue was lost. Luxury and greed, united with impertinence have taken hold of the youth; chastity, modesty and everything human and divine are disregarded. Instead of modesty, incorruptibility and honesty, shamelessness, bribery and rapacity hold sway. Their lust for money and power has destroyed honour, integrity and all other noble qualities. In their place is taught insolence, selfishness and to set a price on everything.

Friends and enemies are decided not on their merits but by the standard of self-interest; a good front rather than a good heart. Governments that were once second to none in excellence have become intolerable. If we do not take steps to free ourselves, we will soon be living in conditions from which escape will no longer be possible.

Ever since the cities have taken hold, it is to them that we pay our taxes and give our obeisance. All the rest of us, who are not in their favour, are without influence and are subservient to those who, in a proper world, would be afraid of us. All influence, power and wealth are in their hands; we are left with poverty and powerlessness. How much longer can we endure this? Is it not better to die trying than lose our wretched and dishonoured lives after being the sport of their insolence? Our spirits are young and brave, while theirs are old and corrupt.

Who can call himself a man that endures their riches while himself lacking the means to buy the necessities of life? That they have two private jets while we are confined in our homes? They amass riches and vacation homes while we have destitution, debt, and a hopeless future.

Awake! See before you the freedom for which you have often longed, and with it honour and glory! These will be the spoils of our undertaking. Unless you are content to be slaves, together we will be victorious.