Immigration: The Great Transformation of Canada

Trudeau’s open borders creates a different Canada: when it comes to converting to a new immigration society, non-immigrant Canadians are to be disadvantaged in order to prevent “racial inequality”. Can that go well? By Egmont |  Since 2015 when he was first elected, Trudeau and his political allies have refused to say where their immigration … Continue reading Immigration: The Great Transformation of Canada

Is that journalism?

Canadian journalism no longer exists in the era of Trudeau's waning popularity.  His attempts to prop up the declining industry turns them against the alt-right. By Egmont |  Should we be ashamed today to be a journalist? YES! Was everything better yesterday? YES!  Yesterday there was the CBC, the not-too-cynical guardian of the Canadian nation, … Continue reading Is that journalism?

On the liberal-conservative alliance

The left is terrified every time the debate about the possibility of classifying Nazism as a leftist movement resurfaces. It gives the impression that there is a dangerous family secret there, carefully kept. Any mention that Nazism is on the left, and the left immediately (along with the mainstream it dominates without them knowing it) … Continue reading On the liberal-conservative alliance