Rural Independence

We shall mount again the rural throne,
And rule the country kingdoms, once our own.
Do we for these barbarians plant and sow?
Good heav’n! what dire effects from civil discord flow!

The ruling elite will always prioritize the interests of the cities over yours, as that is where their votes lie. They are driven by selfish and divisive motives. The decadence and laziness of urban areas is here to stay, and they hold a dominant position in our democracy. This trend will not change, there is no hope for a return to sanity. To preserve our traditions and way of life, we must strive for Rural Independence.

We are looked down upon by the urban masses for our beliefs on family, guns, religion, and small government, but who are the ones inciting violence and destruction in their own cities? Why should we tolerate their arrogance when the true wealth and power of our nation lies with us in the rural areas:

  • Inland oil and gas.  Heating fuel, motor fuel, jet fuel.
  • Timber.  Pulp, paper, and lumber.
  • Construction materials.
  • Metals and mining.
  • Agriculture.  Food.
  • Transportation.  Roads and rail lines.
  • Military.  Over 40% comes from rural areas and small towns.
  • The manpower that constructs, extracts and otherwise produces these resources.

Rise up, my countrymen of the land! Awaken to the potential that lies within us all! Let us reclaim our power and steer our own fate. Our strength, our honor, our morality – all these are ours to wield. Let us take control of our destiny and compel the stars to revolve around you! 

The cities are untended fields that without our care are becoming overgrown with weeds that choke our growth.  The fruit grows bitter and over-ripe; the trees become withered.  And only we young spirits have the strength to tend these fields, together.  And together we will be the north wind that ripens the fruit until it is fine and sweet.

The warring Nations we in peace shall bind,
And with paternal Virtues rule Mankind.

Call to Action


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