Independence for America’s Rural Heartland!

Immanent political instability in the US and Canada means rural populations will hold more sway.  Local and healthy food from your region’s heartland should have priority. How important a functioning agriculture is, which can supply people with fresh and healthy products, has only become clear to many citizens in the Corona crisis. The political instability … Continue reading Independence for America’s Rural Heartland!

Escape from the 21st Century – When Science Fiction Becomes Reality

Children born in early 2020 grow up as if under a dome where another reality exists outside. A new form of society is looming in the future, which once filled the box office as science fiction and which may still seem impossible today, but which for some is already part of everyday life. In 1976, … Continue reading Escape from the 21st Century – When Science Fiction Becomes Reality

Independence supporters win election in Catalonia

The inevitable breakup of Western nations continues.  The only solution to leftist cultural marxism is isolation of the leftists.  Be careful, though, unlike those of us on the right who are happy for all people to pursue their destiny - whatever it may be, the left will not be satisfied until everybody is under their … Continue reading Independence supporters win election in Catalonia

Conservatives must unite

The fateful year 2021 is in full swing. With the renewed lockdowns and promises of both more and fewer restrictions, the Trudeau government, supported by the Davos group, is probably giving the middle class a fatal blow. One thing is certain: our country will not slip into the Great Reset well - because it is … Continue reading Conservatives must unite

China is infiltrating western democracies

Secession and independence for those of us willing to carry on the Greatness of Western Civilization. China's rise to world power can no longer be stopped. The Communist Party still holds the reins of power firmly in its hands. Now China is reaching for global influence. Universal human rights, democratic decision-making and the rule of … Continue reading China is infiltrating western democracies