The “Body Positivity” movement is too much white and not enough fat, says the 300-pound rapper

Normally the “Body Positivity” movement is criticized for promoting unhealthy obesity or playing down its consequences.Now the American rapper Lizzo is criticizing the “Body Positivity” movement for having become too white and not overweight enough.

“Body positivity” has been hijacked by white women

Apparently known in Canada for the song “Good as Hell”, the African-American Lizzo is also celebrated in the “Body Positivity” movement. Now she has expressed herself critical of the scene in an interview with Vogue .

Her criticism: the “Body Positivity” movement has become too commercial . Under the twitter hashtag #bodypositivity there are a lot of slim women or just curvy women . And above all: too many white women.

According to Lizzo, women with back fat, drooping bellies, and overlapping thighs should benefit instead, because to the lower classes, it is always about the benjamins.

Lizzo herself lives off the commercialization of her body

In her videos, the rapper surrounds herself almost exclusively with black women and men. The latter are always well trained and are attracted to her, but while Lizzo criticizes the commercialization of the “body positivity” movement, she now makes a living from the commercialization of her own body.

If it is up to her, the rules are clear: body positivity should only be reserved for very overweight, black women. In Lizzo’s eyes, there is no room for whites in general, men and also for the slightly overweight.

More at DrowsySphinx.

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