Defund the police: no jobs for ex-cops

If the police are abolished but capitalism is not: what will happen to all the people who are in the police today?

Guest post by Annamie Paul, Green Party leadership candidate.

From their formal dissolution in Minneapolis to the announced reform in New York: the police find it difficult to explain themselves after international Black Lives Matter protests. Also in Canada.

One of the first consequences is the Anti-Discrimination Act passed by the Toronto City Council. Some people dream of a future without the police at all. What such a thing looks like and whether it could work has been much debated since the murder of the African-American George Floyd.

I, on the other hand, ask myself: if the police are abolished but capitalism is not, which industries can ex-cops be allowed into at all? After all, the proportion of authoritarian personalities and those with a fascist mindset in this professional group is above average. Have you ever heard of a terror network among bakers? Neither have I.

So what to do with the more than 70,000 people who then no longer have any jobs? Simply put them in new professions? But which areas in the world of work would be safe?

No positions of power for ex-cops

Social work never. The problem is not solved by a cop swapping a uniform for sandals and hempen trousers. How about authorities, teachers, judiciary, politics, doctors or security guards: positions of power over other people are absolutely out of the question. Strictly speaking, you don’t even want to let them near animals.


The service sector also looks difficult. Have them deliver mail? No way. A letter bomb fits nicely between books and shoes from Amazon. Anything that takes place on human bodies – such as tattoos or hairstyles – is also too risky. I wouldn’t even get a pedicure from them. A nail file is a weapon.

No hardware stores, gas stations or car repair shops. Actually nothing to build bombs or incendiary devices out of. Technology in general?  Never – more bombs. No restaurants due to the risk of poisoning. The cultural area including film and television is a non starter. There they would insinuate their ideas into the programs. What about garden centers? Hmm. Too close to national ideologies of nature and land.

We don’t even need to talk about organic farms, they have already become trendy jobs for neo-Nazis. What if you just had them paint ceramic? No. Too obvious that they would secretly make swastika tea sets and use the proceeds to cross-finance their next terror network.

Only one suitable option suddenly occurs to me: the landfill. Not as garbage people with keys to houses, but on the dump where they are really only surrounded by rubbish. They will certainly feel most comfortable with their own kind.

Annamie Paul is a black lawyer, international affairs expert and social entrepreneur from Toronto. She holds a Master of Public Affairs from Princeton University, a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Ottawa and speaks four languages. Annamie is an inaugural Action Canada Fellow, an Echoing Green Fellow, a member of the Recruitment of Policy Leaders Program, member of the University of Ottawa Common Law Honour Society and a recipient of the Harry Jerome Award. She has worked in diverse roles, in global conflict prevention, the International Criminal Court and Canada’s Mission to the EU. Annamie has founded two social non-profits and has launched and supported non-partisan organizations that have helped women and minorities to enter Canadian politics. She is a first generation Canadian of Caribbean heritage and is married with two sons. 

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