Republicans don’t want the election stolen

Vote early, and vote often!

Trump supporters and Republicans are deprived of a fair election. Now it’s time to fight for every vote by forcing the correct count.

While Donald Trump made huge headlines in key states in the country, Democratic officials in their cities and districts fell silent and did not publish results until it was clear exactly how many they would need to win.

And then suddenly on Wednesday morning they poured out the numbers, claiming they had amazing voting margins that are taking away the president’s leadership state after state.

How can that be?

Republicans across the country doubt that everything will turn out right. They now want to use all legal means to enforce that the election is counted correctly in every respect and that any election fraud is completely ruled out.

That means: if in doubt, call the courts of the cities and districts, alert the public, assemble and take the protest onto the streets and not give up until it has been ensured that everything has been done by the Democrats to support a fair election.

And when there is clear evidence of electoral fraud in any of the key states, Republicans and lawmakers have a moral duty to try to make the correct electoral list. There are clear precedents for this.

Many Republicans think that action should have been taken against possible electoral fraud much earlier and more intensively, preventively, so to speak, because the Democrats had already announced all sorts of tricks in advance, in their delusion of preventing a second legislative period for Donald Trump at all costs.

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