Silent for too long

Islam, which according to the popular interpretation should also belong to Canada, gives birth to monsters. The murder of the Parisian teacher Samuel Paty and the recent attack in Nice have shown with atavistic brutality not only the French but all of the West what fanatic Islamists are capable of in their religiously based bloodlust.

For a moment the death of the educator, who was beheaded in broad daylight in the open street for discussing freedom of expression with his students using the example of religious criticism, marginalized the usual mechanisms of silence.

As shocking as the barbaric outbreak is, the murder of Samuel Paty was not an isolated incident. Not in terror-ridden France, but also not in Canada, the US, Belgium, Great Britain, Sweden or other European countries that have been opened up to Islamic immigration by their political elites. Where parallel societies flourish, the religiously based violence of Islamic fanatics also grows. The differences in public reactions are all the more significant.

Tens of thousands take to the streets 

Tens of thousands took to the streets in French cities after the murder of Samuel Paty. The teacher, who died for his pedagogical beliefs, received a state funeral and posthumously the Republic’s highest honor.

President Emmanuel Macron himself gave the funeral speech for the murdered man. The investigators dug up an Islamist network surrounding the Chechen perpetrator, extremist mosques were closed and hundreds of Islamists were threatened with deportation.

A demonstration of strength, which worked beyond the borders of France: organized anti-French rallies took place in numerous Islamic countries around the world. Fanatics called for a boycott of French goods. The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan took the lead in this movement, attacked all of Europe as “racist” and “Islamophobic” and insulted Macron as “insane”.

Side effects of a global culture war 

If proof had been required that Islamist murders like that of Samuel Paty were not a home-made social problem, but rather a side effect of a global cultural conflict, then that would be the answer.

With an Islam understood as a radical political-religious ideology, whose followers are more indignant about a critical and disrespectful portrayal of their prophet than about a murder committed in his name, and even cheer for this murder, no understanding and no “integration” is possible. The argument is existential.

Canada, too, has long been the scene and destination of this cultural clash, in which blood regularly flows – the blood of the attacked, the “infidels”. 

Trudeau is silent 

Not a word from the Prime Minister, only a tweet by the Foreign Minister. As little as for all the others who have already been victims of this policy. After all, there are voices that question the still grotesque ban on deportation for criminals to Syria.

In the loveless language templates of the Foreign Minister for the murder of Samuel Paty, the keyword “Islamist” was just as absent; The Federal Government is only lamely standing by the side of the French President, who has been massively attacked by Erdogan, allowing the Turkish Sultan to denounce Macron as “racist” for defending his citizens, while Federal Ministers prefer to set up commissions against so-called “Islamophobia”.

The course is still in the direction of Islamization 

The French response to Islamic terror may be more pithy; the situation there is even more dramatic, even if Canada is about to make up for decades of mistakes made by France in a few years of Trudeau. But Macron, too, ultimately remains on the symbolic surface.

France has only watched the Islamization of society and the infiltration of schools for years. The republic has left teachers like Paty alone with the melodious and hopeless mission of educating parallel migrant societies to become “republicans”.

When he reported about threats and death “fatwas”, he was ironed; Honours and a state funeral came too late for him. Because the root of the problem lies in demographics, anyone who wants to reject the attack on our way of life must fundamentally question Islamic immigration to Canada. As long as the elites are not ready to do so, the course will continue to be in the direction of Islamization and submission.

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