More and more evidence of US election fraud by Democrats is emerging

In several states there are unlikely corrections to the booking of votes – all in favor of Joe Biden

Several pieces of evidence of election fraud in the US presidential election have already leaked to the public.

Some of the patterns that exist in election information just don’t make sense. The Gateway Pundit reports on two other states where the voting patterns look strange – to say the least.

In the Virginia state election, a number of large election transactions or entries were recorded and reported in the voter data feed, which is used by several big data companies to monitor the election. Then, after those big entries were dropped, the Biden to Trump ratio was exactly the same in most of the remaining data feeds.

What does that mean exactly?

A total of three entries with over 300,000 votes for Biden’s total number of votes were published in the database. Two entries with over 300,000 votes have been removed. The same thing happened to President Trump’s totals, but in much smaller amounts. A total of 851,000 votes were added to Biden’s total and only 318,000 were allotted to President Trump between 11:14 p.m. EST on November 3 and 5:00 a.m. on November 4 [that is, election night]. As a result, over half a million more votes, or 73% of the votes cast in this period, went to Biden.

But as Joe Hoft points out on the Gateway Pundit , the really strange thing about these numbers is the negative entries.

An entry that stole 330,153 votes from Biden and 37,510 from Trump appears to have reversed an entry that occurred around midnight by a few minutes. At 12:26 and 12:30 p.m., an entry with 308,341 votes from Biden and 80,357 votes from Trump was published and canceled immediately afterwards. A few hours later, another 230,000 votes were added to Biden’s lead.

“These cancellation postings look like adjustment postings. Anyone who is familiar with bookings knows about erroneous bookings that are canceled and replaced with the correct bookings and amounts. Why the hell would Virginia need to make these types of bookings in its voting system? There really is no logical reason for this (other than fraud),” comments Hoft.

In addition, almost every entry in the presidential election system has the same ratio of Biden to Trump votes. It is highly unlikely that the results of all these entries will be equally related to each other.

“This also indicates fraud,” says Hoft.

Such audits and invoices have been carried out in several states. More and more a picture of electoral fraud is emerging, for which one can gradually find more evidence – even without paying attention to the fraudulent software. Donald Trump is fighting for the truth with his legal team.

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