The coup against Trump is a color revolution

A so-called “color revolution” is currently underway against the administration of President Donald Trump, an anonymous Special Forces veteran warned in an interview with Epoch Times.

“A color revolution is a tactic to bring about regime change,” said the officer. “What I see is a Marxist insurrection using the strategies of a color revolution to achieve regime change.”

Contrary to the popular Rambo cliché, the US Special Forces function primarily to train and support guerrilla troops behind enemy lines in so-called asymmetrical warfare. They often speak several languages, disguise themselves as locals and, above all, have mastered unconventional warfare.

The Transition Integrity Project 2019, a simulation game by the Democrats led by John Podesta, is an indicator that the events of this year’s presidential elections were orchestrated by “Marxist elements within the Democratic Party and their Marxist allies in foreign governments.”

“It may not have gone the way they wanted it to, because whenever you conduct an operation like this, the enemy has something to say. But the plan was not to recognize the election. It was never about the presidency.” According to the officer, “it is about a fundamental change in the US. They are attacking the constitution itself.”

Leftist filmmaker Oliver Stone documented the implementation of the color revolution in Ukraine in 2014 by the Obama administration and the George Soros foundations in the film “Ukraine on Fire“. Revolver journalist Darren Beattie made the same assumption when speaking to Tucker Carlson on Fox News.

The special forces officer told The Epoch Times that current events in the United States followed well-known guides to overthrowing a government. “This approach is explained in all unconventional warfare manuals,” said the officer. “I’m not a fanatical Trump supporter. I just see what happens.”

For eight years, President Barack Obama “installed his political allies through all institutions,” as a kind of “shadow government” supported by the mainstream media and street thugs.

“Since Trump was prevented from using his own people from the start, we basically had a third Obama administration.” so the officer. “So we come to today’s situation: There are elements within the government who have opposed the president, as they tried, for example, in the impeachment proceedings.”

“The press has become the fifth column. The only thing missing is a real military guerrilla force.” There are already “professional revolutionaries” within Antifa and Black Lives Matter, warned the expert.

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