Washington war zone: 25,000 soldiers secure the city for Biden inauguration

Tomorrow, the leftist Democrat, Joseph Robinette Biden, will be sworn in as the new American head of state after a controversial election that was stolen from US President Donald Trump. For this, Washington is being made into a high-security zone. 25,000 US National Guard soldiers from all 50 states have been concentrated in the city.

For comparison: there are just 2,500 US soldiers stationed in Afghanistan. The ceremony should take place without a large parade. Citizens were asked to stay at home. Trump will not attend the inauguration.

Biden coronation like in a military dictatorship

2,000 National Guardsmen were also sworn in as US marshals. For a limited period of time, they have security competencies similar to those of the police.  There is also an intensified examination of the National Guards with regard to contacts with “extremist groups”. Critics speak of a dubious symbolism that is reminiscent of a military dictatorship. The unique security measures for Joe Biden cost 45 million US dollars.

At the Trump inauguration in 2017, it was $27 million. In addition, officials from the FBI, the US Secret Service, the Department of the Interior, the US Capitol Police and the Washington Police are on duty. Army helicopters are watching the city from the air. Roads and bridges are closed, and there are stricter controls at airports. Business people have already boarded up offices and shops for fear of chaos and looters – perhaps in memory of the previous summer, when Black Lives Matter activists devastated many cities, and the National Guard was nowhere to be seen.


Barbed wire fences, security checkpoints, barricades, military vehicles and heavily armed guards thus become the figureheads of Joe Biden’s inauguration. Is there fear of an invasion, some wonder. What are you afraid of when 80 million people voted for Biden? According to federal authorities, online chats are also being monitored in order to pursue potential threats to the big event – including armed protests, a possible threat to the Capitol, etc. Plans to protest the event were circulating in chats days before, and intelligence services and the Capitol Police knew about them. They also knew about the infiltration of Trump groups in front of the Capitol by antifa activists.

Trump appeals to citizens: no violence!

Trump emphasized some time ago that he would stand for an orderly handover and a safe inauguration of Biden. In a statement last Wednesday, he again called on Americans not to use violence: “In view of the reports of further demonstrations, I demand that there must be no violence, no violations of the law and no destruction of any kind … I do not stand for that. I urge all Americans to ease tensions and calm their hearts.”

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