The Great Reset and Great Recession

The world is currently facing two major challenges: the struggle for world domination between the United States and China, and the collapse of the international financial and currency system. These challenges pose a threat to the order, stability and security of the world where countries are at risk of becoming pawns in the power struggle between superpowers.

The struggle for a New World Order is a battle between two opposing visions of the future: the Globalists and the Patriots. The Globalists, an alliance of supranational corporations and the international left, want to abolish the nation-state and replace it with Global Governance, while the Patriots want to preserve the traditional international order of sovereign nation-states established in the Treaty of Westphalia 1648 and defend national borders, economies, democracy, the balance of powers, constitution, rule of law, parliaments, governments, freedom of speech, cultural heritage, and the family as the basic unit of society.

The Globalists are united by a shared ideology, Neo-Marxism, which promises heaven on earth and the destruction of the sovereign nation-states. The center of this struggle for the next 10 to 20 years is the question of which currency will be the international benchmark: the US Dollar or the Chinese Yuan. American MAGA patriots and Trump supporters want to defend the US Dollar as the world reserve currency, while the Globalists are indifferent between the Yuan and the Dollar as long as their interests are protected.

Twitter boss Jack Dorsey warns of the danger of global hyperinflation. The central banks of the world are no longer maintaining monetary stability but financing sovereign debt, leading to an imminent threat of global hyperinflation. The total global debt is around USD 300 trillion, which is 3.5 times the global economic output, and the central banks of the United States, China, and the European Union are living beyond their means and threatening the stability of the international financial system.

Two challenges we face today,
One with a world power play,
Another with finances and currency,
Threatening our security.

Patriots want to keep the peace,
And maintain the sovereignty of each piece,
While Globalists aim to unite,
And abolish nation-state with might.

Together with Neo-Marxism as guide,
The Globalists strive to be the tide,
And merge nations into one,
Under a world order begun.

The currency battle takes the stage,
With US Dollar and Chinese Yuan at the page,
Global hyperinflation looms near,
As debts of the world bring fear.

We must be vigilant and aware,
For the future we hold so rare,
And protect our freedoms and rights,
And keep the balance in sight.


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