Send them back

A man goes into a bank. He puts a pistol in his mouth and demands all the cash, otherwise he threatens to shoot himself. He gets the money and is allowed to leave the bank unharmed as a rich man. Apart from the fact that nobody in Canada today gets rich from bank robberies, it doesn’t sound completely unrealistic. In fact, something similar happened in Moria, the refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos.

After the warehouse was cordoned off by the responsible authorities for fear of the Coronavirus, several fires broke out in unexplained circumstances. These spread quickly, fanned by the wind. Some so-called refugees ran through the streets of the island shouting “Bye Bye Moria!”. Even if a few Lesbians opposed the onslaught, they could no longer stop what broke ground.

We can all certainly imagine what is coming. The faces of the leftists, dripping with dismay. The sad, big-eyed, naturally brown children’s faces, blackened with charcoal from the fire, and the whole rest of the circus, which is always fetched from the. What follows are demands for further acceptance with reference to supposed European values ​​of the Enlightenment, whose current interpretation would turn Rousseau, Schopenhauer and Zimmermann in their graves faster than a Montreal kebab.

Why should we take in strangers? The answer that has been common so far: because you’re racist, that’s why! So let’s go another way. Canada is our country. Regions such as the Rocky Mountains, the maritimes, or the prairies are our home. Much of it has already been irretrievably given up. We have already given away our well-being and wealth out of love for the foreigner. The abstract values of “charity” and “humanity” are valued by those who do not have to bear the effects of their actions; a threat to our continued existence and our identity.

The possibly self-inflicted Moria fires will be just one more drop in the already overflowing barrel. Moria will just be another long-awaited reason for another flooding to Europe and eventually Canada. There is no doubt that it will send clear unmistakable signals all over the world, that when a fire breaks out on the edge of Europe and the ruling classes in the West invite the world to visit. The fatal thing about it is not only a possible refugee tsunami, but also the existing water levels of the last flood and the restrictions on freedom of expression, assembly and action caused by Corona, which make countermeasures obsolete.

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