They keep drumming

The media against Trump

Those who are obsessed with being missionaries must be prepared for failure; not everyone can be converted. But journalists are bad losers. To this day, it contradicts their totalitarian stance that the Americans voted differently four years ago than they recommended and forecast with a gavel.

Some of them even went so far as to make the grotesque statement – only about those outside the media bubble – that “all of America” was shocked that Donald Trump had won. For avid opinion-makers, “all of America” is made up of colleagues and other self-appointed elites. The common people do not appear in it. They were ignored before and after the election as “white trash”.

Now the US is facing the next presidential election, but the media do not have to switch to campaign mode. They never left it. They kept drumming against the hated president, twisting his statements, tearing them out of context and creating a caricature that did not fail to have an effect. The majority of Canadians are convinced that at the top of the world’s power is a deranged, right-wing extremist narcissist. The hatred from Canadian editorial offices might have a flaw in that their readers and viewers are not eligible to vote in the United States, but by equating Conservatives and Republicans, they are attempting to mitigate the threat of any government not led by the Liberals.

Trump obsession in the media

The poorly drawn, quasi-religious image of America works like this: Barack Obama is a saint, his successor Satan on earth. In doing so, the authors ignore their otherwise often displayed pacifism. No US president after 1945 had more countries bombed than the Nobel Prize winner stylized as an angel of peace. Conversely, nobody withdrew as many troops from abroad as Trump, and did not start a war. The media have portrayed the now 74-year-old as a world destroying threat that can only be avoided by a concerted global effort, as a blood-on-his-hands destroyer of freedom and liberty, or as the arsonist responsible for the countrywide riots.

How far the obsession goes is also proven by the reaction of the world. The proposal to use the antimalarial Remdesivir against Covid-19 first came publicly from the US President. The media jumped on the statement and constructed the line that this “cost human life”. The truth the newspapers left out: two Americans had drunk a harsh detergent because it contained the same active ingredients. Doctors are now using Remdesivir in corona patients worldwide. 

No matter what Trump does and says, Everything is wrong

The well-paid Trump haters at the CBC, CTV and the other “leading media” are in need of some “balance.”  The Canadian left protest against the TPP and receive a halo. When Trump canceled this free trade agreement after his election, it was suddenly considered a serious mistake. Those who used to yell “Yankee, go home” are now condemning the withdrawal of forces from the Middle East. Note: It’s never about the matter at hand, but about who is representing it.

The media uses the key elements of Canadian journalism: propaganda and scare tactics. When the US President commented on the allegations against Russia in the case of the poisoned Navalny with the words “We have no evidence yet,” he received malice in the most benign cases, and sharp attacks otherwise. Where is his lack of prudence that journalists are so fond of telling you about?

There is a method to it. No matter what Trump does and says: Everything is wrong. His visit to Kenosha, which was devastated by anti-fascists, caused outrage . You don’t have to be a prophet to know what would have happened had it been the other way around: Trump refuses to travel to the heart of the civil war. Incidentally, the fact that the media also blame him for the devastating excesses of the “Black Lives Matter” movement falls into their twisted black and white scheme, which allows neither shades of gray nor criticism of Trump opponents.

At the peak is the glorification of his apparently senile opponent.  Joe Biden, who can barely finish a sentence, is hailed as the reconciler of the divided country. Between the lines that means: The 77-year-old reconciles just like the media does: by defaming “white trash”. But if the Americans again refuse the order of the high command of the media, the mission of the anti-Trump sect will accompany us for another four years.

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