The announced final victory of the global revolution

Trudeau: “We have to create completely new foundations for our economic and social system.”

The days are getting shorter. Winter is coming. The prospects are gloomy in Canada. All those who only a few weeks ago hoped that the emergency would soon end, or were naive enough to believe that politics would by no means risk a complete destruction of social, cultural and economic structures, now see themselves wrong.

The state of emergency, which has been declared normal, is being drawn out. Ordinances have long been passed in small communities that are barely on the map. On closer inspection, the legal basis created in the spring to combat an alleged emergency no longer applies today. However, governments around the world have taken pleasure in getting their political will through without the hassle of parliamentary intervention.

Decisions that were almost unthinkable at the beginning of the year and politically never enforceable are now being brought about in no time at all, with reference to the Corona crisis. Individual mobility has been reduced to a minimum, the first companies are in bankruptcy and a way to support an ever larger part of the population has been continued.

The parliament, which was largely left out when the “rescue packages” worth billions of dollars in sovereign debt is now finally an onlooker.

Corona is the spark that collectivists all over the world have been waiting for so longingly for many years

Those responsible have succeeded in linking the current crisis with the staged crises from the pre-Corona period. The formula is the same, and it is just as simple: it is the way we live that brought us the calamity. One can certainly agree with this thesis.

Of course, Chinese customs have favored the emergence and spread of the virus, even assuming it escaped from a laboratory. Of course, in a networked world, global contagion is practically unavoidable. Of course, by setting the wrong course, tens of billions have flowed into government and military equipment instead of into the health sector. This is taking its toll in many places, as we can now observe.

And yet the thesis – as with climate change – falls short that humans are the cause of all evil. Corona is the spark that collectivists around the world have been waiting for so longingly. For years they have worked with an orchestrated climate hysteria to help Marxist-Leninist social doctrine to a renaissance. Their goal is to think uniformly, act uniformly and become a collective.

The narratives of the impending extinction of humanity and the impending global climate catastrophe were set so obtrusively that even newborns today learn the words directly after “mom” and “dad”. On several occasions, however, the instigators of the climate movement have had their true motives exposed, and some of them openly advocate for violence to enforce their overthrow fantasies.

A new start is to be made, and no one tries to cover up the fact that it is about the ultimate victory of eco-fascism

The representatives of the social, economic and political “elites” have been meeting in Davos for five decades. Once a year, without consulting voters and parliaments, they determine which course should be set. The whole thing is by no means secret, which makes it all the more alarming how little criticism the annual extra-parliamentary activity encounters.

The “World Economic Forum” has slipped further and further to the left over the years. In the meantime, achieving the greatest possible social conformity has become the main concern of the participants, including the heads of state and government of all relevant countries. Now the organizers are bragging about the slogan “The Great Reset”. A completely new start is to be made, and no one tries to cover up the fact that it is about the ultimate victory of eco-fascism.

In combination with the Corona “regiment”, this has developed the decisive clout to create a different order, at the center of which is the good behavior of the individual in the sense of political doctrine. Market economies should continue to be possible, but only under the conditions of the eco and health fascists.

The fact that the Forum 2021 will not take place in January, but only in May, and not in snowy Davos, but in sunny and warm Lucerne, is a side note that shows how professionally the elites ensure that the right images are transmitted. The path to bondage will not end at Corona. Many writers foresaw these developments. The masterpiece “1984” could help those of good faith to come to interesting insights.

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