Why all teachers should show Mohammed cartoons now

Where is the solidarity of Canadian teachers for Samuel Paty?

In solidarity with their decapitated French colleague Samuel Paty, not a single Canadian teacher will show Mohammed cartoons in class in order to then discuss the subject of freedom of expression. None of the teachers who preach “courage” to our children every day will show even a hint of fortitude when it is really required. Fearfully, they pretend in class that nothing has happened.

Yes, when it comes to the climate, nuclear power, electric cars, “racism”, “Nazis” – then these teachers won’t keep quiet; they think they are clever and woe to anyone who contradicts them. Then they raise their index finger and “admonish” and “warn”, then they are right at the forefront when they again “very courageously” instill the onethink of their beloved Liberal-NDP-Green Party in our children.

But if the head of one of them is cut off in the open street, in the heart of Europe, not in the distant Middle Ages and not in the Nazi era, which they constantly complain about, but today, in the 21st century, then nothing is heard from them. Then they are suddenly very meek, then they cling to their curriculum and stubbornly reel off their program, as if they had heard nothing, seen nothing and had nothing to say, as teachers, to the bloody teacher on the street; these same teachers who usually have something to say about everything and everyone.

If Canadian teachers really stood up for what they are constantly hammering into their students, if for the hundredth or thousandth time the lesson revolves around “oppression” and the Nazis: that more people should have had the courage back then, to oppose the enemies of freedom of expression, then they should do exactly that themselves. Then they should now prove that they themselves can not only talk about “courage” like world champions, but actually have courage themselves.

Because if Canadian teachers really had courage, they would now post these cartoons on the bulletin board at all schools in Canada – so that every student can look at these cartoons and form their own opinion, because that is exactly what freedom of expression means. Then they would throw these big caricatures on the wall with projectors in the classrooms so that all students in the class can talk about them and exchange their opinions – because that is exactly what freedom of expression means.

Precisely because they have expressed their own opinion and want to form their own opinion freely, people were put in concentration camps under Hitler. And that’s exactly why they are beheaded today. These are the subjects that our super-wise, oh-so-brave, oh-so-civilly courageous teachers now have to talk to their students about.

But at least this shows their true colors. Now we finally know what kind of people these are who want to teach our children and also their parents every day: cowards!

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