Canadian Prime Minister questions freedom of expression after attacks

After the chain of Islamist attacks in Paris, Nice and Vienna, Justin Trudeau questions freedom of expression.

After the Islamist attacks in Paris, Nice and Vienna, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau questions the freedom of expression that is also anchored in his country. After several murders by violent Muslims in Paris, Nice, Dresden and Vienna, Trudeau condemned all violence.

At the same time, Trudeau stressed that freedom of expression should not lead to others being arbitrarily or unnecessarily insulted. “Freedom of expression has its limits.” Insulting caricatures from other religions goes completely against the grain of the Canadian mentality, Trudeau claimed.

In his explanation, the Canadian prime minister used all vowels of leftist rhetoric when he spoke of the fact that “in a pluralistic, diverse and respectful society like ours, we have to be aware of the effects of our words and our actions on others.” Trudeau emphasized the special consideration deserved by communities “which are still exposed to enormous discrimination” – meaning Muslims.

The prime minister’s reaction was criticized in public. Erin O’Toole, leader of the Conservative Party said he found the statements “disturbing”. Unrestricted freedom of expression is a “pillar of democracy”. Even the far-left Globe and Mail was irritated and headlined: “Canadians should stand by Macron – even if Trudeau doesn’t”.

Many readers’ comments insisted on unconditional solidarity with France’s close ally and its fight against radical Islam. Many readers even spoke of Trudeau’s cowardice when he showed a basic understanding of the motives of the murderers.

The Premier of Quebec, Francois Legault, spoke indirectly of Trudeau “justifying violence.” “I disagree with Trudeau, became even clearer. We have to protect freedom of expression,” he said.

The fact that a Canadian prime minister goes so far as to show understanding for the murderers immediately after the chain of murders by radical Muslims indicates a change in the judgment of Western heads of state. Apparently the leftist ideology has already eaten its way up to the highest levels of western states. They sacrifice Western values ​​in consideration of the sensitivities of radical Muslims.

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