Trump: “We will not let them steal the election”

“If you just count the legal votes, I’ve won. But they try to steal our elections with illegal votes, «said the president.

[ See video with US President’s speech HERE ]

“If you just count the legal votes, I’ve won. But they try to steal our elections with illegal votes,” said the president. Despite “historic election manipulation” by the media, Wall Street and Silicon Valley, Trump has achieved “massive victories” in Florida, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio and many other states.

Trump also accused the polling institutes of influencing the election: “The pollsters were deliberately wrong. You knew we had polls that were so ridiculous and everyone knew it. The media expected a blue wave for Joe Biden, instead there was a big red wave.”

The Republicans would have retained a majority in the Senate, despite massive campaigning against candidates like Lindsey Graham from South Carolina. The Democrats spent $ 100 million to beat Trump ally Graham, who ended up with a massive victory.

There are only a few states left to decide in the presidential election campaign. The electoral machinery of these states is run by Democrats in all cases, Trump said.

“We actually won in all important places by many votes,” said Trump, “and then our lead was secretly and miraculously destroyed, and they did not allow observers.” The Trump campaign had to sue in some cases in order to gain access to the counting centers and had to watch from 20 or 30 meters away or outside the building.

There will be “huge legal battles” because “they are trying to steal the election. They are trying to manipulate a choice and we cannot let that happen. Detroit and Philadelphia, two of the most politically corrupt cities in the United States, cannot decide who will be president,” said Trump.

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