“The CIA is involved in electoral fraud”

Rumors have been circulating since last week that in the days after the US election there was a raid on a server in Frankfurt that was linked to election manipulation in the US (Transverse Waves reported). Ex-CIA agent Larry Johnson revealed more on Gateway Pundit.

“The US Army did not raid a Scytl or Dominion server in Germany. As foreigners, you have to comply with German law there. The US Army in Germany has no penal authority in relation to these companies.

So what happened I know from a reliable source that a unit under the orders of USEUCOM (United States European Command) actually confiscated computer servers. They were owned by the CIA, not Scytl or Dominion. The US military is empowered to do this because all CIA operations in Europe take place under the guise of the US military. The CIA agents on site are therefore considered by the German authorities (and everyone else who should ask) as members of the military or military advisers.

This would not be the first time a military unit commanded by EUCOM has seized evidence from a CIA computer facility. An ex-DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) colleague told me that he and the US military had seized evidence from a CIA facility in Frankfurt in the 1980s.

We have also confirmed that the CIA boss Gina Haspel was not informed of this action. I can therefore confirm that an action was carried out in Germany on US territory that affected a CIA facility.

I also learned that the FBI chief Christopher Wray was banned from this operation. Even more than Haspel, Wray works aggressively to sabotage President Donald Trump. So it must have been some other federal agency (US Marshals, DEA, or the Secret Service) that performed this operation. I expect we’ll learn that the CIA was involved in the Dominion and Dominion software fraud. “

Last week, President Trump surprisingly replaced his Secretary of Defense Mark Esper with counter- terrorism specialist Christopher Miller, and his chief of staff became Deep State expert Kash Patel, formerly a member of the staff of Russiagate revealer Devin Nunes. The designated US Ambassador to Berlin, Colonel Douglas MacGregor, and Gen. Anthony Tata, both vocal opponents of the Obama policy on terror, were also brought into the Pentagon as  consultants.

The CIA chief Gina Haspel was surprisingly excluded from the president’s secret service briefing last week.

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