The abolition of cash is followed by the digital dictatorship

When it comes to creating cash, it is about nothing less than gaining total control over the citizen and transforming them into absolute conformity in a digital dictatorship.

In the shadow of the corona crisis, attempts are being made to destroy the concept of cash and even to slander it as a virus carrier. However, independent scientists and studies refute this widespread thesis. It is about nothing less than gaining total control over the citizen and transforming them into a population of absolute conformity in a digital dictatorship.

In Sweden, the envisaged future for Canada and the US is already well advanced. Even the smallest amounts at the bakery or a few lozenges in the kiosk are paid for with a card. At locations and temporary locations such as the weekly market that do not have a card reader, cash does not occupy a niche existence, but the customer is required to pay with a mobile phone app.

People are also given no choice, they have to pay for their goods and services digitally. A spirit of resistance has immediately emerged: “Then I won’t go shopping there” is understandable, but unfortunately it doesn’t work. Because in Sweden there are almost no cash shops anymore; it means subordinating oneself to digital tutelage and thus also to complete digital surveillance or one cannot buy anything. No goods, no services. Nothing.

Children as an experimental set

Children and teenagers in Sweden even grow up without having cash in hand. Amounts are sent back and forth like text messages. The importance of cash, the trust in your own money that you hold in your hands or keep in your wallet, this security has degenerated into exchangeable digital information in Sweden.

Tech companies, digital service providers and thus also the state collect extensive data records every day, every hour, every minute. Every plane or bus ticket purchased and the route taken are registered.

Big Brother knows what you have had for breakfast, which newspapers, magazines and books you buy, what internet sites you look at, what distances you cover, when you drank and paid for the first alcohol of the day, in which café, restaurant and bar you hang out and with whom – all of this is absolutely transparent. Just as the state wants it to be.

Of course, these movement profiles also allow easy data comparison of who was there or nearby at the same time. And if the revelations by whistleblower and former NSA employee Edward Snowden have proven one thing, it is that intelligence agencies, security agencies and the state are appropriating any and all records about citizens that are stored somewhere on a server.

Data protection regulations and laws play no role, just as little as national borders. And once you have been targeted by the state, then every minute of your life can be called up with a key combination. The reasons for this are obvious at first, for example when applying in the civil service, regardless of whether as a police officer, firefighter, soldier, teacher, judge, public prosecutor or even as a small municipal employee. Should the artificial intelligence of the evaluation software give you a questionable classification or even classify you as critical of the government, how high do you think your chances of being hired are then? The same applies to permission to obtain a hunting license or a gun license. In such a digital dictatorship, the state decides your entire life.

In Sweden, children no longer receive pocket money either, it is transferred to their cell phone. In Sweden, a child can no longer even buy a chewing gum or a Mickey Mouse notebook with cash. The next generation will be used to the digital dictatorship from an early age and will be brought up in such a way that one has to refrain from any criticism of the surveillance state. Swedish parents are quoted in the mainstream media as saying how practical it would be to have complete control over their children – and also so easily accessible at the touch of a button on the smartphone. Digital pocket money also offers a light, but extremely effective system of repression for punishment. In this way, an entire generation is brought up to be fully compliant even in childhood. First towards their parents, then towards the state.

China is the future of total surveillance

Where these developments can lead can already be seen in the communist dictatorship of China. Every Chinese there has an assessment by the state monitoring software. The software rewards any support measure for the dictatorship with a positive rating, but any criticism of the communist party and the system with a negative entry. Every Chinese person is shown the current assessment daily on their mobile phones to intimidate them. “Green” for absolute conformity to the government, “yellow” as a suspected case and “red” then ends the citizen’s social life. A quarantine is first imposed on him, he is no longer allowed to leave his block of flats or his district, and he is forbidden, for example, from buying concert tickets or a bus and train ticket, for which the personal identification code must always be transmitted from his smartphone. For the repression of the disgraced citizen, no distinction is made between whether he wants to drive 500 kilometers to his seriously ill parents, to a wedding, a funeral or to a demonstration, but the state simply pulls the plug and thus isolates the rebellious citizen. Most then choose the path back to full conformity, while a small remainder risk ending up in a re-education camp or prison sooner or later. 

Abolition of cash

Cash payments are in decline  in the West as a result of the fear campaign, which was targeted and perfidiously pursued by politicians and the media in connection with the corona virus. 

The digital dictatorship was massively expanded in the shadow of the Corona crisis. The number of companies and service providers that capture, store, evaluate and forward any digital traces of the consumer or sell them on to other companies has become all-encompassing.

These include credit card companies like Visa and Mastercard, Google, Facebook, Twitter and so on, among others. This is “surveillance capitalism”. Thousands of companies that have concluded data exchange agreements with each other are hidden behind the term.

This is real-time observation of all people, in which up to 40,000 data points about a single person are saved and evaluated. This means you, dear reader.

One thought on “The abolition of cash is followed by the digital dictatorship

  1. We need money backed by gold or some other real asset. We should bring manufacturing back to Canada. It is sad that we cannot make anything here anymore, like vaccines or any technology or aerospace etc.

    All of our manufacturing has gone overseas and we should bring it back home.


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