School forces fifth graders to celebrate black communism

School is a place for imparting knowledge. At least it should be. At a school in the city of Philadelphia, however, things are different. Here the ten-year-old children march in class with BLM posters at the teacher’s command. 

Define “communist”, “injustice” and “inequality”

Filmmaker and journalist Chris Rufo came across the William D. Kelley Elementary School in Philadelphia during his research. There, a social studies teacher created a lesson on black communism – mind you, for fifth graders.

It was all about Angela Davis. A black radical communist from the United States. She was on the FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted Criminals List on suspicion of supporting terrorism and was captured and arrested.

The ten- to eleven-year-old schoolchildren were taught about black communism and Davis’ struggle against “injustice” and “inequality”. Then the children had to explain terms like “communist” in approving words.

Only 13 percent of the students will be able to read and write properly

At the end of the session there was a fictional protest that the young students had to hold to protest against the imprisonment of Angela Davis. On the self-painted posters there are slogans such as: “Imprison Trump, free Angela”, “Black power” or “Black lives count.”

Here, the school has actually quite different problems than the study of black communism. The William D. Kelley Elementary School comes in last in their state with the worst exam results and only 13 percent of their students will be able to properly to read and write after finishing the eighth grade.

This can be clearly seen on the posters. The word “lives” is misspelled on a poster, even though it should be part of a fifth grader’s basic vocabulary. Instead of training its students, the school places a focus on political influence rather than actual education.  

America, this is your future!

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