Without Trump, the US media will lose millions of viewers and readers

At CNN a decline of 45 percent in February

Some US broadcasters lived very well from their tirades of hate against Donald Trump. Their audience ratings were high, as were the amounts they asked for advertising. Now Trump is gone (for now) and viewers are running away from the TV channels in droves. At CNN, audience ratings fell 45 percent in February.

For the mainstream media, which are predominantly politically left-wing and controlled by the left, hard times are coming in the US. With their tirades of hate and agitation against the undoubtedly polarizing US President Donald Trump at the time, those stations made a lot of money. The audience ratings went up, the broadcasters could charge high sums for every minute of airtime from advertising companies – and received the corresponding sums. Donald Trump brought ratings in a way that no other politician in the USA had before him. High audience ratings are important for all broadcasters in the US; for them there is no financial buffer, where the broadcasters are financed with tax dollars. In the USA, a broadcaster has to offer the viewer an interesting program, otherwise they will simply switch.

This is exactly what is currently happening. The left-wing stations have lost their best workhorse; Donald Trump is currently staying mostly out of the public eye. The strategy of the past, namely to send hatred and agitation against Trump, is nowhere near what it was. To report about the current president is about as interesting as a nature film about the habits of the native forest snail. The consequence of this is simple: viewers run away from the broadcasters in droves. CNN had a 45 percent decrease in February compared to January. The Washington Post recorded a drop of 26 percent in the same period, and the numbers at MSBNC fell by the same amount. The New York Times lost 17 percent from January to February.

What Donald Trump predicted has happened: “Newspapers, television, and all kinds of media will fail completely when I’m gone. Without me, your sales will go downhill.”

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