#ExposeCNN: “What we do is propaganda”

Twitter bans undercover journalist James O’Keefe

Twitter has permanently banned US investigative journalist James O’Keefe after he revealed in undercover videos how CNN staff admitted to having made “propaganda” to overthrow Donald Trump. O’Keefe announced a lawsuit against Twitter.

“It’s about fear. Fear drives the ratings up. “

O’Keefe documented with his Project Veritas last week in secretly recorded #ExposeCNN videos, among other things, such as the technical director of CNN Charles Chester admitting that the primary goal of CNN in the election year 2020 was to “get rid of” Donald Trump.

“I 100% believe that without CNN Trump would not have been voted out,” says Chester in front of a hidden camera. Chester called what CNN does “propaganda” and said the next item on the agenda was “climate change.” The aim is to stir up “fear”. “Fear sells,” says Chester.

While CNN portrayed Trump as “weak”, Joe Biden was always portrayed as a “fit old man”, and Biden was shown jogging or wearing aviator goggles.

Without the corona epidemic, it would probably not have been possible to defeat Trump, according to Chester. The journalists at CNN did not understand anything about Corona, according to the recordings, but they kept driving the topic to harm Trump. Corona was “a grenade in the audience,” said Chester, which is why CNN always showed the lurid death numbers on the edge of the screen, according to Chester . He admitted that he had “a problem” with this sensational presentation. “It’s about fear. Fear drives the ratings up. “

Chester called CNN reporting to be “manipulation” and described how reporters told interviewees what to say during interviews. If the ratings are not high enough, then “the red phone rings from the executive floor” and they say, “fade in the corona death numbers again.”

CNN was also on the agenda of helping the radical Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, Chester said, and ignored reports of violence when perpetrators or victims were the wrong color. “I researched the violence against Asians and found that most of the perpetrators were black. Then it was said, what are you doing there? We want to help BLM.”  Violence is simply not reported, “if the perpetrators are not known,” said Chester.

CNN has not yet denied the undercover recordings. Now Twitter has permanently blocked James O’Keefe for allegedly using fake accounts, reports Fox News. O’Keefe denies the allegations and announced that he will file a lawsuit against Twitter.

The only way we can free ourselves from from such people is to free ourselves from such people.  Secession!

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